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23-07-2010, 01:09 PM
Can someone point to a Microsoft site that acknowledges bugs and gives progress on their resolution?

I've been struggling with a problem that I thought was 'me' but a Google search has turned up a multitude of people with the same problem (in WMP12).

Instead of monitoring lots of different forums (WD TV Live, Linn DS, Samsung, Sony, CNet,) I would like to go to an official Microsoft site that says something like "Yes there is a problem in WMP12. It affects kkkkk functionality. It is caused by xxxxx. The fix will involve yyyyy. It is expected to be rolled out in zzzz. In the meantime there is a workaround aaaa"

Does such a site exist?

Speedy Gonzales
23-07-2010, 01:30 PM
Whatever the error is, look in Google again, then go to the MS site, if there's a link. If there's a fixit, its probably here


23-07-2010, 01:40 PM
If only Microsoft had a public bug log.

But no.

23-07-2010, 01:41 PM


Speedy Gonzales
23-07-2010, 01:45 PM
Whats the exact message you're seeing?

23-07-2010, 01:54 PM


Huh, well there you go.

23-07-2010, 02:13 PM
I would like to go to an official Microsoft site that says something like "Yes there is a problem in xxx. It affects kkkkk functionality. It is caused by xxxxx. The fix will involve yyyyy. It is expected to be rolled out in zzzz. In the meantime there is a workaround aaaa"

Hah. What happens is the bug surfaces.
Loads of people post need help all over the place - or someone clever finds it.
MS eventually acknowleges it.
meanwhile someone else comes up with a work around.

23-07-2010, 03:17 PM
Whats the exact message you're seeing?

I'm trying to send media from WMP12 to a Bravia EX700 TV, using "Play To". The PC hangs on the following message

"Contacting media server...."
(after 6 minutes): "Failed to retrieve media from media server"

("Play To" is where the PC controls the TV's display. ie, you don't use the TV's remote)

Interestingly, if I use the TV's remote to access the same file by "pulling" from the PC rather than the PC pushing, the TV plays it fine AND the PC's screen can control various aspects of the playback (such as TV volume, playback slider, pause (but not play) - all while WMP12 is saying "contacting media server..."!

But it's all academic, as I have just solved the problem. Turned out to be an error of logic on my part. (Hercule Poirot would not have made such an error, nor, I suspect, would the professionals on PressF1...)

The generic problem (on the internet) is that computers running Win7 cannot send media to hardware mediaplayers (or TVs) under the "Play To" functionality in WMP12.

I assumed that since a great variety of players were affected, and they all had WMP12 in common, that the problem was WMP12. There was one small bit of evidence against the guilt of WMP12 that I ignored. (I had already decided that WMP12 was guilty!)

The small bit of evidence I ignored was that WM12 worked fine for a couple of the 100-odd posts that I read. I should have immediately concluded that WMP12 was innocent. Because if it works for one person, then it's workable for all...

I should have asked What ELSE do all (or most) of the complainants have in common? Answer: AVG. Here's what "presrc" posted on community.wdc.com/t5/Firmware 3 weeks ago:

Open AVG User Interface
DoubleClick Link Scanner
Disable AVG Active Surf-Shield

I did that and it instantly came right.

Incidentally, Play To is great. It's exactly what I wanted when I bought the TV a month ago ($1600 Sony special). Having had a media player connected to my old TV for a few years I had become dissatisfied with the way it "pulls" files from my PC. (All players have this problem - it's not just my Mediagate). To pull media, the player needs to display files on the TV screen. This means that your audience can see your files and folder names. They insist on seeing a 2-hour wedding that they themselves feature in... and there goes the evening. They can also see you manipulating files, fast-forwarding, etc. And you can't cue the next item while they're watching the current one...

With Play To, my Bravia EX700 can be showing anything at all (Digital TV, Telstra, Analogue...) and as soon as I hit the play button on my PC the TV screen immediately switches to whatever I have cued on my PC. When I press stop on my PC, it immediately goes back to the original source on the TV. And I have the usual forward/back media controls on my PC, along with volume control and the ability to fiddle with the play list. Etc.

I don't have a laptop, but eventually I hope to control everything while lying on the couch...! (The Sony wireless dongle on the TV works great)

Thanks for the Secunia link, ChillingS. Seems a bit esoteric but I will check it out. I feel that someone in an official Microsoft capacity should post 'helpful' information rather than a thousand people having to flounder around. Which makes me think, should I post on PressF1 a 'how to' regarding use of Play To? I had a bit of trouble getting it going and even Sony NZ directed me to phone overseas (not email). What's the forum's policy on 'tutorials'?

23-07-2010, 03:19 PM
AVG strikes again!!

Dump it and get NOD32, or MSSE if you don't want to pay for an AV. :thumbs:

23-07-2010, 03:28 PM
all (or most) of the complainants have in common? Answer: AVG. Surprise surpise :D not

Speedy Gonzales
23-07-2010, 03:45 PM
Depending on HOW the TV is connected, use Media Center instead. Add an extender. Does the TV have an option like an Xbox (like a Media Center / or Media option)?

You may have to run Media Center, find a similar option on the TV. You may need an 8 digit code so the 2 can talk to each other. If the TV gives you an an 8 digit number, this needs to be typed in (after you select add an extender in Media center - it'll search and add whatever). Then you have to give access to the TV (from Windows)

Like an Xbox 360, unless you add the Xbox as an extender (from Media Center), and allow the Xbox access to Windows, its going to fail. You cant use the Media Center option on an Xbox until you give it access.

If you right mouse on the monitor (the network icon on the taskbar) / then go to open network and sharing center. Then go to change advanced sharing settings. Then go to media streaming (depending on how the TV is connected), is it appearing here?? If it does, change it to allowed

23-07-2010, 05:08 PM
..use Media Center instead.

In my searches several people wished that Play To was available in Media Centre but it isn't. You have to use Media Player. Several also said the fix was to get an XBox360...

But the Media Player works fine with the TV (now). The AVG tweak solved the problem