View Full Version : Access Point problem - connection gets dropped

21-07-2010, 01:00 PM
My new Bravia TV has been dropping the wireless network connection after 5 min of inactivity - a nuisance because it requires a hard reset (the so-called 'Eco" switch on the side of the TV) rather than off-on with the remote. (ie, you have to get off the couch) The AP log says "disassociated after 300s inactivity"

A firmware upgrade on the AP (DI-524) might have extended the 5 min to 1 hour (the changelog says "Fixed the wireless client re-associates one hour later", whatever that means). Even if it has been extended to an hour this is not very acceptable

Question: Is this a Sony problem for not maintaining the connection (I'm using the Sony wireless dongle)? Or is my AP too old? ie, relates to the days when an AP was generally in a public space rather than in a home network

D-Link seem to have discontinued support of the product (the latest firmware is dated March 2008)

I'm inclined to think it is a Sony problem because I've never had this problem before eg, with children's laptops or my aging Mediagate