View Full Version : Scan & defrag with ME

02-09-2001, 06:08 PM
I am having probs using scan disk & defrag on my ME system. I have a 45 gig harddrive & 128 ram with plenty of space left on the drive. Scan disk continually restarts & defrag won't run until the disk is scanned. I have tried closing running programs but to no avail. What now please?

02-09-2001, 08:10 PM
Run it in safe mode, its a common problem, failing that have a look thru previous posts.

04-09-2001, 01:28 PM
Hello David.
I am running ME upgraded from 98SE and I also had the same problem when I first installed the new operating system. So I tried using Safe Mode but it didn't work for me. Because I could not run scan disk or defrag, (SD/DF) I used the option (I'm not saying this will work in every case) of uninstalling Windows Millennium and returning to 98SE. I then did a successful (SD/DF) on the 98SE version (which I had also done before upgrading) and after that was finished I reinstalled ME again. This fixed the problem for me but as there are so many variables when running the 'maintenance' programs, this will certainly not work for everyone.
Try Safe mode first though, this will only load up a minimal amount of programs and will lessen the chance of conflicts with SD/DF. I hope this helps.

15-11-2001, 08:39 PM
This is normal.
You must get rid of any program running in the background, as soon as interrupted, the scan starts over, and over and over.
Could be as simple as a screen saver, check your tray next to the time on your screen, turn off all that stuff, usually right click and shut down, if still a no go, go to start->run->msconfig->start up
msconfig is W98 not sure what yours is.
Anyway it will tell you what else may be running in the background