View Full Version : Raid 1 issues and cloning.

19-07-2010, 04:53 PM
Have a PC with onboard Raid 1 running. Had I/O and HD errors showing in the log so decided to change one of the HDís. Once new drive installed it would recognise the new drive and try and rebuild the array but would not boot. So in the end decided the on board raid controller was buggered and just imaged the drive to another single drive and booted fine.
Now I have tested the 2 original drives and they have tested OK. So I installed a PCI Raid card and installed the drivers on the single drive and all loaded and running fine. Installed the 2 original HDís on the raid controller and built a raid 1 and then imaged the data from single drive to the raid 1. Took out the single drive and rebooted. Now will load into safe mode fine but locks up with a normal boot. Lockup can happen at any time and sometimes gets as far as the login screen. Have same errors in logs as before so now thinking one of the original drives faulty. Unplugged raid 1 drives and put back single drive and all OK. System been running like this now for a couple of weeks.
Plan now is to replace the 2 original drives with new ones and image over data from single drive.
Any reason anyone can think of as to why this will not work and it is a raid driver issue why the PC will not boot with raid 1 rather than the drives? This PC is 160Km round trip away so donít want to go onsite for this to not work again due to something I have missed.