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02-09-2001, 01:22 PM
I have a problem that seems to be in some way assocaited with Word 2000.
I have 162 RAm and about 340 MB free disk space
I can start directly any of my programs except Word . I can start word by sleceting a document in existence and it will open but if I try to either create a new document in word or start up word from the icon I cannot enter the ptogram.
When I press <ctrl-alt-delete> I get the following message
'The system is dangerously low in resources.
Would you like to terminate the following program
Microsoft Word not responding'
If I press yes the program just hangs - have left it as long as an hour
If I press cancel then go back to desktop but the start button to bring up menu is inoperative.
Probably the answer is very simple but it is frustrating to have to ibititiate WORD by activating a saved document .

02-09-2001, 02:32 PM
Hi. My GUESS is that when Word opens it defaults to the Normal template, which may have been modified and now includes an associated Word document - possibly this document is incredibly large, and running in Layout view, which hogs resources.

It might be an idea to check System Configuaration utility to see what other progs are starting up automatically and using resources.

Also check System Properties before and after opening up Word (if possible) to see the difference in resources used.

If my first comment is correct, then deleting the Document in Explorer should solve the issue, alternatively in the prog's preferences set it to start up as a new blank document, or none at all.

System Properties and Configuration Utility info can be found in Help, or your Online Resource Kit.

02-09-2001, 04:02 PM
thanks Greg S it was the normal.dot corrupted