View Full Version : Win2k_Office2k. How to contact MS??

01-09-2001, 03:49 PM

I have win2k&office2k. Firstly I hve spent 6months at least checking search engines and MS websites to no avail including thier database ...

When I use win9x with office2k to resotre/backup email its fine. When I use win2k with office 2k its fine. Win2k/office2k to win9x/office2k works too.

However when I use win9x with office backup is fine then I restore on win2k_office it does not work. Error screen shows something like user not defined, lack of priviledges .... though I can continue to get new mail. write new mail and backup/restore on win2k/office2k to win2k/office2k.

Only prob seems to go from win9x office2k to win2k/office2k.

But I bet if I restore this onto another win9x_office2k it would work. Then I only need to upgrade to win2k. Think this work but is there another method which I can go straight to win2k_office2k??

Because I am purchasing a laptop with win2k preloaded on recovery cd. So if this is the choice is awkward cos need to dump original laptop win2k and use own win98, download laptop drivers/softwares and then upgrade to win2k ....

Secondly how does MS qualify me for fee free installation. Is this deemed as good enough excuse or do I need to pay $35NZL per consulatation via phone calling Auckland (xtra toll call) in weekdays peak hours??

Thirdly, I have asked office 2k activation code for 3X now (always via phone). 1st was installation onto PC, then 2nd onto laptop (allowed onto secondary PC with same user), 3rd cos desktop stuffed up. Now I am getting a new laptop, selling old one (after getting rid of office) will they give me the 4th code via internet?? (or via phone).

Thanx in advance.

01-09-2001, 06:37 PM
with office2k try using the same code. ive always used the same one on each format/reinstall major hardware changes included. in fact the person from microsoft who gave me my first code said to write it down and reuse it for any reinstalls. its worked so far.