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29-06-2010, 07:19 PM
HI all

I do some freebie work looking after a school in Wellington that has only 60 students. They are very much on the lower end of having cash to throw at IT, and their current "server" is a Duron 900! It's just someone's home PC with an IDE drive, 512MB of ram and Server 2003 installed. As you can imagine it runs like a 3-legged dog. The screen is a 14" CRT that flicks from yellow to normal, and even that is driving me crazy.

Are there any corp or govt techs out there that have an old but usable server that's been depreciated to $0 and may be available for them to have?

Yes a long shot, but if you don't ask you don't get.

Cheers in advance for any help.

29-06-2010, 07:22 PM
We don't have any, I'm sorta looking for a $50 testing PC on TM :D

Don't mention govt depts, they will get fried by doing that. They tend to follow a procedure, don't they all .. and tend to have a process where they dispose of them. There was a fella who sold old PCs on TM and lost his job. Was on the media.

30-06-2010, 10:29 AM
I have a G2 ML350 with a pair of PIII 993's and 2GB of RAM, You will need to repair one of the system fans to get it to boot.

It has 3 x 18GB scsi on a 4 bay backplane, so you might want to get a sata card in there with some extra storage

02-07-2010, 09:05 AM

Thanks for that - I'm still mulling over this or trying to get funding to get a new server, will come back to you. Thanks again - aoppreciate the offer.