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25-06-2010, 08:34 AM
Has anyone dealt with NZ post delivery problems?

I'm currently having problems with them where the postee keeps delivering my registered signature parcels my father sends me from overseas who just looks at the hostel office and leaves a card since 3/4 of the time its closed. I only live 5 second from the office and it isn't a big problem for a postee to walk 5 more sec and knock on the door for me to answer.
They've seem to have changed their deliveries. It used to be by Courier post where the postee from there always delivers the parcel and would leave a card for redelivery or redirection but for NZ post they leave a card and expect you to pick it up. No redelivery and redirection.
The post office where I have to pick it up is on the other side of town and since I can't drive I have to call a taxi which is about $30 both ways. Pretty expensive when your still trying to find a job not to meantion the inconvenience.

I made a complaint by calling them and they told me that the postee have no obligation to deliver parcels to my room?

Is this really true?I thought that their point of NZ post is to deliver your parcels ?

25-06-2010, 08:56 AM
They have no obligation to deliver it to your room. They deliver to the building, and if the person who looks after the delivery address (i.e. the hostel manager or whoever looks after the office) isn't there, then they should leave a card to call. Remember your hostel is private property, so they shouldn't have to navigate around the building personally delivering items to each room.

You could speak to your hostel manager about putting a sign up saying "If the office is unattended, please try room XYZ" with a map showing where it is, and designating you an "authorised signatory" for the site.

25-06-2010, 09:10 AM
when i lived in hostels they just delivered it to reception. a mockery of signature too cos reception could just sign for your behalf and like put your passport in the pigeion box - letter boxes sorted by surname letters.