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28-08-2001, 12:34 AM
From time to time my window (98) wouldn't shut down and I got a error messager: Rundll32 cause an ingalid page fault in module KERNELL32 DLL at 177:bff98dba7. I have to shut down the window manully.
Can anyone help? please!

28-08-2001, 02:06 AM
Check what tasks you have running (press CTRL-ALT-DELETE once). You only really need systray and explorer.

One of these tasks is probably the problem. Use MSCONFIG to disable everything and restart.

Hopefully this will fix the problem.

If it occurs rarely, then just accept it as part of running windows.

28-08-2001, 11:38 AM
Hi Chinadoll.

Invalid Page Faults and General Protection Faults in Kernel32.DLL are generally caused by a lack of system resources, out of date video drivers, or a corrupt swap/paging file. Before trouble shooting make sure all your drivers are upto date.

Kernel32.dll is the 32-bit dynamic link library found in the Windows operating system kernel. It handles memory management, input/output operations, and interrupts. When Windows boots up, kernel32.dll is loaded into a protected memory space so other applications do not take that space over.

On occasion, though, users may encounter the 'invalid page fault' error.

This error occurs when a program or application tries to access kernel32.dll's protected memory space. Sometimes the error is caused by one particular program or application, and other times it is provoked by multiple files and applications.

If it's always the same program or application that causes the invalid page fault, you should do something about that program or application, ie: uninstall and reinstall. Do a Defrag before reinstalling. Its best to Defrag before installing any software.

If it's happening with multiple files and applications then it could be the RAM, the '177:bff98dba7' is the address in your memory where the crash occurred. If this address keeps returning, there may be something wrong with the RAM. (In that case, invalid page faults would also be caused in modules other than kernel32.dll). To test the memory, insert the following command line in your Config.sys. Its in c:\, open it with Notepad.


The next time you boot, you could get a message that HIMEM has detected unreliable memory at a certain address, and this address could be the same as the one in your error messages. Maybe this detection will not happen immediately, it could take a few days, or it may never happen, in spite of an actual memory fault. If it does say something try some different RAM if you can for a few days and see how you get on.

If you frequently receive Invalid Page Fault in Kernel32.dll Errors, from different drivers (Explorer, Guide.exe, Msgsrv32, Commgr32, Mprexe and others), it is possible that your password list file is damaged. Try re-creating your password list file:

1.In Windows Explorer select your \Windows folder,

2.Press F3. This will bring up the Find: All Files window,

3.In the Named: box type *.pwl ,

4.Click Find Now,

5.When a list of found files is displayed, delete them all,

6.Close the Find window and restart Windows.

Note: you will lose any passwords you have stored, so make sure that you have the passwords written down so you can re-enter them when needed.