View Full Version : W98 is freezing during opening

27-08-2001, 10:43 AM
W98 problem ? Replaced a faulty CD-Rom drive. Have checked cabling as well as master & slave settings yet W98 freezes during start up. Also checked that all cards are seated right in their slots.

W98 will open in SAFE mode OK but it won?t allow me to then add the the CD-Rom to its profile. If I use the W98 start up floppy disk, it can access the CD-Rom drive and it will read anything in it OK but as soon as I try to run W98 it freezes again. Tried opening W98 step by step and it seems to freeze after loading the msmouse.vdx file. I am not sure how relevant this is in the loading sequence as I suspect that each PC loads its start up differently. Am I right?

So why wont W98 open?

Suspect I must have a W98 device or registry problem somewhere but what and how to fix it? Tried W98 Start Up Trouble Shooter but it didn?t seem to find anything wrong. Also looked at System?s devices and it didn?t show any problems either. So any help you can shed would be appreciated.

27-08-2001, 12:08 PM
Hi Wayne. Sounds like you've identified the cause.. a faulty device driver. The way I'd troubleshoot would be to start in safe mode, then go to System Configuration Utility (start, run, MSCONFIG) and do a trial and error process of disabling 1 start-up item at a time and rebooting until you've identified the culprit. Reinstalling drivers for the mouse (if that's the cause) would probably resolve the issue. Hope this helps.