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27-08-2001, 12:47 AM
Basically I am a FAT 16 man, as I heard some (of my) software will not run on FAT 32
Question, will a FAT 16 hard drive run next to and with a FAT 32 hard drive?

There is a very good reason to partition your hard drive, once my computer would not boot one
day I only had to reformat the C: partition instead of the whole drive and only lost information in that partition. Despite some people say it will slow your computer down, but for a reason I learnt a few weeks ago I think the reverse will happen.

I was using a computer, we both have pentiums, but his using FAT32 ran like my old 486, my 686 hard drive is partitioned into eight drives no bigger than 1023 Gig (once you go over the 1024 Meg partition in FAT 16 your hard drive quickly disappears). and remainder of hard used for Linux. Anyway I defraged his hard drive thinking it would speed his computer up, but in fact I made things worse. One reason and only point to put this story on F1 for debate, My operating system is in one partition spread over 600 Meg or so, When he first loaded his operating system and other basic programs it would be at the beginning of the hard drive, then over time loaded more and more software (like games), then when I came along and defraged his hard drive it defraged all right, but spread everything all over the hard drive, I know that when you (Microsoft) defrag a hard drive it does not move system files but this is the only reason I can think of. Apart from hard drive speed, but I don't think my hard drive is a fast one. This supports the saying 'if it is not broke don't fix it', even with Windows O/S and the computer is not yours. No worry I keep on breathing while I wait for reply.

27-08-2001, 02:55 AM
Fat32 partitions are slightly slower, but not much. You shouldn't run into compatability problems, if you user anything more recent than win95b.

As for your friends partition, when you do a clean install.
Windows rarely seems to just start at the start and move thru, it puts stuff all over the place.

I'm not sure why the defrag slowed his HDD down, but it is possible if there were a lot of open files as they wouldn't have been moved and defrag tries to work around them, try running it in safe mode. (Don't forget to get the winME defragger from one of the previous posts, its much faster - 30min vs 6hours).

I have no idea why defrag spread stuff all over the drive, unless you interrupted it, as it uses the end of the drive as a tempory place to put stuff while its working.

For the speed difference, my guess would be you have more RAM than your friend, and the larger disk cache is causing the difference.

As for your use of partitions, in windows I like to use one for apps and one for data. The problem with using one for windows is that all your apps still have to install their DLLs and VXDs on it, so it isn't seperate enough to allow you to just reformat it etc.

Although as you probably have found out, it works well and is generally recomended on linux. One for swap, one for /home, one for /usr and one for /