View Full Version : Skype USB phone usage

06-06-2010, 04:01 PM
Hi All

My only communication with the outside world is via my satellite internet connection.... no cellphone coverage or landline connection.

I use Skypeout to ring various bods and rely on them to email me if they don't have Skype installed. Obviously, they can ring me if they do have Skype.

When someone rings me (via Skype), we hear the laptop speaker sounding out the ring-tone.

My current voice input is via the microphone on my usb webcam and sound output is via the laptop speakers. My problem is that the mic input is not as good as it should be.

I have found that the mic on the DSE USB XH7170 handset gives a good input sound and although the output is good also, should I use this device as my input/output sound system, I cannot hear any phone connection rings if someone wishes to contact me when I am remote (more or less) from the phone.

I have tried changing the speaker setup to Sigmatel Audio using the "audio" settings in the control panel for the speaker output, but I still get the sound coming via the handset.

Is there some way of circumventing the sound output from the USB device but keeping the mic capabilities?