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04-06-2010, 09:39 PM
I took a look at my web mail spam filter today and found the following.

* I'd won seven prizes I didn't know I was eligible for
* I had eight requests to update my Kiwibank details, I don't even bank with them.
* I have about ten requests from people I don't know in trouble who need my help and/or money urgently.
* I have about fifteen comments on my blog that have nothing to do with the topics on the blog.

Normally I'd see none of these, but maybe now I can win a prize off a Kiwibank customer who needs my help.

The Error Guy
04-06-2010, 09:57 PM
Apparently (according to spam) of your ISP (orcon) screws up your connection you need to tell them your banking details. also there is a virus that "burns the image of c onto your HDD" and "destroys the zero sector where vital information is kept" if you do get this virus shutdown your computer. my computer doesn't have a drive with the label "C" so i'm sweet (even If I did believe it)

04-06-2010, 10:11 PM
I am safe, there are always a couple of fresh cloves of garlic hanging in the system box. Also keeps moths out.

04-06-2010, 10:11 PM
Same here.

5 emails from the FBI who have reached a agreement with Gordon Brown to pay out my funds from the African Nations.

Another one from the FBI warning me that they are monitoring me for illegial transactions with someone in Africa and 2 from the FBI telling me that they have secured my funds from scammers in Africa.

And one from the United Nations with my new visa card.

About 400 and counting from some spammer offering me genuine fake watches, each email is promising various discounts from 50 to 90% off, all come back to the same ISP.

A few promising me genuine pills for which ever illness I am suffering at the moment.

And in excess of 100 and counting so far today of virus messages from Microsoft Support that I have to update my Outlook, just run the attached file or from Amazon thanking me for ordering a Sony Laptop, must have ordered a whole swag of them as the invoices just keep coming.

None from KiwiBank though. I feel so left out.

Couple weeks ago there was a massive flood of spam for Russian brides all coming back to blog sites hosted at Hotmail.

Not that any of this spam bothers me, I screen the mail using Mailwasher so it all gets ditched while still on the server.

04-06-2010, 10:37 PM
I get spam that isn't even in English :stare:

04-06-2010, 10:50 PM
Couple weeks ago there was a massive flood of spam for Russian brides all coming back to blog sites hosted at Hotmail.

I had to laugh when I posted the original post, I had an offer of a Russian Bride in one Google advert and a Spam Filter in another.

This time around it is a dell and ipad ad.

04-06-2010, 11:03 PM
I get non-english spam too. Odd...

Looking in my spam folder, I have nothing! (I keep on top of it).

OT, but for viruses, this is the only virus alert you ever need: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4BrcOQH0EA

05-06-2010, 07:53 AM
I only get one or at the most two pieces of spam a month and Gmail always picks it up before I get it

05-06-2010, 10:00 AM

And in todays spam is a big flood of greeting cards from all and sundry offering me happy birthday, all the links come back to being hosted at Google. All the links are zip files so probably don't need 3 guesses to know what is in the Zip.

Suppose it keeps a spammer in a job...........

05-06-2010, 10:46 AM
I get alot of spam with .rtf files attached to them. I just delete them.

05-06-2010, 10:50 AM
I have had 2 spams this year...both offering marriageable Russian ladies.
None at all last year.
Nothing in the spam folder on my TC webmail.

05-06-2010, 11:43 AM
Funnily enough this months quota just arrived in my gmail spam folder one for Tahitian beauties and one offering money, that should be it till next month now

05-06-2010, 11:59 AM
I'm starting to get 5-7 'pharma' emails weekly on my xnet account (Spam filter. Yeah right!)

Whilst on Gmail, it's about the same per year. And it automatically goes into the junk folder!

05-06-2010, 12:24 PM
I've noticed a big increase lately - mainly in my non-Gmail accounts - some of them even from Gmail addresses (can you report these to Google, or are they most likely spoofed?)!.

Someone somewhere must have gotten hold of a swag of servers....

05-06-2010, 12:56 PM
some of them even from Gmail addresses (can you report these to Google, or are they most likely spoofed?)!.

Most them would be fake gmail accounts though the odd scammer offering millions in unclaimed funds sometimes have a gmail senders address same as the drop box email address in the message itself. Not often though.

Over the last couple of months I have noticed a big increase in floods of specific spam, this week there seems to be a big flood for fake watches with big discounts, all coming back to one hosting website, recently it was Russian Brides which last about 10 days and then just died. There was before that a big flood of spam for pills, again, all coming back to one website, after a week or so, it drops back to normal levels.

05-06-2010, 01:33 PM
I get a few on xtra bugger all on gmail.
Pity really, think of the all the money I am not get getting from Nigeria, no viagra, cant cheat on missus with ruski chick.
Its just not fair.

06-06-2010, 10:37 PM
Curious - the Google adverts on Press F1 are all for anti-spam this evening.

07-06-2010, 11:03 AM
I'd count the excessive use of word and association in the same thread title on this forum is spam.

07-06-2010, 03:40 PM
So do I - ban the lot of them I say. But in the mean time if the original keeps going then it is an equal opportunity spamming for all.