View Full Version : Outlook 98

18-03-1999, 02:18 AM
Whenever I try to run Outlook 98 I get the Message 'Error: The required file Shell32.dll cannot be found in your path, please reinstall Outlook.'

I have 2 Shell32.dll files in C:\ and C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM

This happened after reinstalling Windows 95

I'm sick to death of reinstalling Outlook and getting the same message.

I've tried uninstallin it and reinstalling it. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling Outlook 97 from Office 97 CD but that gives me the message. 'Object 3011 Your original setup files may be damaged. Try restarting the setup program from where you originally ran it.'

Not much help as I was doing exactly that.

I'm a bit stuck. Can anyone help??