View Full Version : SCSI card and changing the IRQ problem

18-03-1999, 12:07 AM
recently I got a new system with a SCSI card. I can only get functional if I disable, reboot, and then enable it. When this happens Windows 98 correctly assigns it IRQ9. However next time I boot up Windows gives it IRQ5 which has my sound card and bus stuff on it. I need a way to tell Windows to use IRQ9. I can't do it in BIOS (turning off Plug and Play doesn't help), Windows won't let me change the setting in the hardware profile. I've tried all sorts of things like turning off PCI Steering, using BIOS hardware enumeration settings, getting the IRQ table from the protected mode driver settings, and getting the IRQ table from the real mode driver settings all with no avail.

cheers for any help