View Full Version : random pornlike pop ups in firefox

14-05-2010, 08:41 AM
my dad is having this issue. it been happening since my sis went to some game sites, even tho we told her not to. would a popup blocker help?

Speedy Gonzales
14-05-2010, 08:44 AM
Scan it with something, for malware

14-05-2010, 08:50 AM
yeah good idea. i dont wanna get my hard drive infected when i put it in

Speedy Gonzales
14-05-2010, 08:53 AM
Or post a hijackthis log from it. So, we can see whats in it

14-05-2010, 08:54 AM
pr0n-like popups usually come from:
1) Visiting dodgy websites, such as "Free pr0n here!!!"
2) Installing cracks or other illegal software which is infected with trojans
3) All of the above ;)

You may also want to do a full scan with the likes of Malwarebytes and Security Essentials, see what they turn up...

14-05-2010, 08:57 AM
yeah ok. do sites like game house.com and other game sites have viruses. i alway keep rite away from them but my sis goes on them. i dont trust game sites except for ones like runescape where things are strict and is trusted by millions

Speedy Gonzales
14-05-2010, 08:59 AM
Anything can get infected

14-05-2010, 09:02 AM
yeah, but i suspect runescape would be more safe as its constantly got moderators and site owner on it etc...

and i got barred from second life on my pc. i didnt know their was a teen one and people got pissed of cos i put my mic up to my speaker and blasted the benny hill theme through their headfones. it was an aussie who was annoying me so i annoyed it back

14-05-2010, 09:19 AM
Dads computer - Not Bad, Sister did it - of course, Total Deniabilty - PRICELESS !!


14-05-2010, 09:23 AM
i didnt do anything, i dont even use his pc. i use mine which has got the black screen of death problem which im trying to fix

14-05-2010, 10:03 AM
I think SP8 is trying to point out, that it is quite possibly Dads doing, not your sister :P

As above, full malware / virus scan is in order.

14-05-2010, 10:08 AM
i have done a malware bytes scan. nothing. must have been just a site which brings up pop ups. all is fine now

Speedy Gonzales
14-05-2010, 10:10 AM
Did you do a full scan?

14-05-2010, 10:15 AM
yes, all is fine. i know of sites that bring up random popups which i just quit

Speedy Gonzales
14-05-2010, 10:17 AM
I would still scan it with a virus scanner

14-05-2010, 01:47 PM
Run Ccleaner through the PC as well --- A few of those popups sit in the Temp files, other bury themselves deeper.

14-05-2010, 08:08 PM
You need to use more than one. Use Spybot as well, it will find things MB misses. And vice versa.

Roger Hunt
16-05-2010, 12:56 PM
Use a squared virus scanners and also delete your LSO and DOM supercookies.