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Spam removed, thread left because it's entertaining and I've not read all of bob_doe_nz's post yet ...

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This guide shows how to convert :spam to :ban with one easy step



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Wot's a "queston"?

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probably from the same dictionary "Wot" came from

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It was a dark and stormy night as we drove through the inhospitable countryside, desperate to escape - looking at all the houses perched precariously on the cliff edges while howling gales battered the walls, praying to God She would deliver us safe and sound to our destination, wherever that was to be.
As we drove around the streets we were desparate to find the "Golden Arches" as we were racked with hunger pains.
Visions of Pepper Steak, hot bread rolls with proper butter. Even home made fresh fruit, not out of a tin. And oddly in this cold weather a cold MacBlack beer.
None of this was to be, however, as we had to finish the lentil loaf, her mother had so kindly given us, yuck!
Closely followed by a BK whopper to keep the King happy, then onwards and upwards to the great volcano in the North.

There wasn't a single animal to be found, so the weight of our rifles and ammunition was a complete waste of our energy.
Reflecting sadly it didn't take too much to keep her King happy these days.
Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I saw it, round, luscious it was what we had come for.
The lights beamed as if one closed their eyes in the sunlight.
But then the reality set in, we had kms and kms to go until we reached Lincoln Road and our trusty Navman said we were still in Newlands.
But the navman mistook New Zealand for Newlands in Britain.
Now the frustration was really beginning to set in, and the thought of that beautiful volcano in the distance was somehow taunting us, and urging us to drive on through the night until we could once again stand proudly on the ski slopes.
As we drive on, we realised that the gas tank is nearly empty. But then, we see flashing blue and red lights coming up behind us: gratefully we pull over, hopeful we will get some help, but it was only Officer Roddy pulling us to say we should be saying, we "realise" the gas tank is almost empty, not "realised".
Once more back on the road dear friends, the King was still tailing us. Oh my how fast that king can peddle.
Once again we travel the road, only the headlights pierce the darkness. An equally dark figure on the side of the road waves us down for a ride, we slow down to see if help is needed... and I am stunned to see it is Dr Who!
I quickly scan the horizon looking for any nearby Daleks. The only thing moving in the entire scene was a Prefect riding a Nortons and emitting dark death rays to put the seal of Lucas over anything capable of byting. Even the mountain trembled. As sounds of "Exterminate" echo through the hills, he leaps onto the back of the ute and we take off rapidly hoping to leave them behind.... Thankfully there are stairs so they can't follow.
The daleks now enter the lift so bypassing the stairs and thus not taking the stairway to heaven, but we quickly jam the lift doors higher up and stop the whole system. Trouble is the ute didn't fit in the lift so we now have to find our way back to it to rescue the mattress.
This is getting bad. I need help. Damn, no signal on my Telecom XT mobile. ****! Nevermind, I've just spotted a telephone booth. I run over and notice that it is blue? I pull open the door... **** its way bigger inside than it looks from the outside.
The odd room, the strange eight sided console in the middle, a coat stand by the 'door'.
Rose she calls herself and she is not looking to lonely. As we crowbar the ute inside there is a strange noise... then, with a quick flick of his utility belt Batman demattresialises the ute and stairs into the distance.
Sadly for Rose, she was dematerialised at the same time, excepting for her gold capped dentures, left glistening by the side of the road.
Super. Now the ute is gone and we still don't have the mattress. I pop those gold capped dentures into my pocket; might drop them off later at the local gold buying kiosk in the mall. Time to make a call. I spot the telephone dial and start spinning the number for dial-a-driver. Hmmm. That is weird. The humming is increasing and the walls are pulsating. I think I've dialed the wrong number. Worse still is the sudden realisation that spinning the dial only worked for dial phones- pushing buttons frantically is summoning hummers by the gross - time for a different number. Suddenly a familiar tune - Clark Kent steps into the phone booth, looks around, confused. Green numbers cascade down the walls ~ ~ can it be the mattrix has returned?
01110111 01101000 01111001 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110111 01100101 01100001 01110010 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110101 01101110 01100100 01100101 01110010 01110111 01100101 01100001 01110010 00100000 01101111 01101110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101111 01110101 01110100 01110011 01101001 01100100 01100101 00111111 (translated: "why is he wearing his underwear on the outside?")
The Lone Ranger and Tonto arrive and notice they seem to be in the wrong movie so exit stage left.
As they exit the fire alarm goes off and the sprinklers turn on. They are drenched in water as they stumble drunkenly out the door. Only to trip and fall face first into the ever growing wetness of the storm. Suddenly a blinding spotlight hits them full on.
Halt shouts a rough voice.
Abruptly Roddy_Boy appears and serves them with a summons for omitting an exclamation mark (!) after the Halt command. He salutes and wombles off into the damp gloom. Roddy rounded the corner in the dark and came face to face with the Dalek Police all wearing exclamation marks on their helmets.....
"Wat!" he cried,
"You guys were my lost brothers!"
"But we're girls!" The Dalek Policewomen exclaimed markedly.
Then suddenly lance4K appears, they run fearing that a silly question will be asked about them... and stumble over the sopping wet mattress in the dark. (Which has been hiding in the bus all along)
The bus was old and run down. Snatching the key I tried to wind it up. The old bus started ticking and then... it transformed into a giant robot.
Suddenly a policewoman wearing a long blonde wig and mini skirt (regulation issue, of course) appeared - "Allo allo allo" said she, "wot have we here?" "can't you see, you silly tart, I'm a bus disguised as a giant robot" said the bus.
The Bus disguised as a giant robot, sat down and thought to himself, Where do all the buses go when they die.
A red mushroom cloud paints the sky in the distance, suddenly a familiar voice booms out of no where,
"In the city, he must fight to survive, one man, one chance..." It's the video preview guy! Late for his last voiceover, or the wrong studio.
Don LaFontaine, the voiceovers of voiceovers mysteriously appears from the grave.
He was in remarkable condition considering he had been cremated.
However, it appeared that the executors of his estate had opted for a budget cremation, the result of which left him merely severely singed and very cross, since no-one had checked to confirm he was actually dead. After he took his hideous revenge, he went and had an ice-cold shower.

Meanwhile, the daleks were gaining, Dr Who was still stuck on the back of the ute and no further driving progress had been made.
Quickly he tapped out a virus on his laptop and sent it racing round the world, using that wonderful phone thing called "Twatter". But an incredible thing happened, the virus infected twats only. Politicians worldwide were struck down. Some even displayed morality and were ruthlessly culled by their nervous brethren. The mattress made an ominous soggy metrognomic sound from deep in it's ticking. Nortion sensing trouble brewing quickly pronounced it had the ultimate cure for the twats virus. Altering the daleks to fight the infection - exterminate,exterminate all the time the Dr still stuck in the ute was powerless to intervene. And stuck he sure was by Ados F2 glue which had spilt when the pcteck ute had gone over a speed bump. The speed bump was as well as could be expected, but the Dr. was still in the ute sniffing glue. He was having some difficulty with the Ados, as all his previous sniffing had been with wallpaper glue. Nothing prepared him for this. The Dr. glanced in the rear veiw mirror only to find a terrible horror only the eyes of an insane man could comprehend:
He was in fact Dr Phill!
"Hi there big guy" murmured Dr Phill seductively, "haven't we met somewhere?"
"Help me to help you, to help you, to help yourself.....big boy"
But Mrs Phill promptly received and imparted the information that Dr Phill was taking too large a dose of his amphetamine stash.
On hearing this news, she immediately divorced him.

Di Vorce thought about this - realising that the ex-Mrs. Phil was using him as a weapon, he pondered his options. A sudden decision was reached - he would extinguish his burning trousers, and then ~ ~ With one bound he was at her side. The bounder - she was beside himself. And in a single bound they found themselves bound together. But with their limbs bound to various bits of the bed, they soon realised that they were not going to be able to - you know - with their - you know - restricted by the ties that bind.
Too late he remember the message: always put the lid on the Ados, don't blow on it as it will stick faster - safer communities together.
So they proceeded embarrassingly onward to the hospital to unstick them all from the mattress and glue combination they had become.
Swiftly, they got stuck in and became very attached, one to the other. Alas, they fell from the bed of the ute and landed on the soggy mattress. Sadly, the Ados was a Southern blend of low water resistance and so it was Adios; they parted.

The storm continued. It's a hard life, finding the dry women, unabated for a very long time indeed.
He told Mrs Phil that a new Topshop had opened in Takapuna, so she quickly jumped from the ute and was last seen running off in a northerly direction. At that same time the magnoalphaprotons magical cape covering 'Dr Phil' could no longer hold and he morphed back into Dr Who.
And so they continued, into the storm.

Meanwhile, a world away in a dingy back office at the Beeb, scriptwriters were bemoaning that their Dr Who of only one night's screening, had succumbed to temptations of the flesh, not to say Mrs Phil and a rather messy menage-a-trois. Acting swiftly they decided to immediately re-incarnate the Dr but were undecided on who they should cast in the part. Should it be Paul Holmes, Rodney Hyde, or even Helen Clark?
Eventually, Winston Peters applied for the job.
He was muscled out of the way by Gerry Brownlee and slightly squashed as well, maybe he is like one of those wibbly wobbly men. Soon everyone was squashed by Chuck Norris, who, of course, got the part.
(Huh? Who?)
Said the Dalek. They decide to Google the new Dr Who and found out if you spell Chuck Norris wrong on Google it doesn't say, "Did you mean Chuck Norris?" It simply replies, "Run while you still have the chance."
So they decided to run, but unfortunately, Chuck Norris caught up (as he does). But who IS this Chuck Norris of whom you speak? Asked the Dr's current squeeze.
Chuck Norris they all chorused in reply,"why he is the answer to life, love and the universe"
The clever people in the crowd wanted to say 42, but Chuck Norris stopped them with his mind. And somewhere a lonely 42 wept quietly. No longer needed. No longer loved. Arthur Dent was somewhat dented too. He thought *he* had found the answer.
Maybe he ought to hook up with this Dr Who guy? He seems to be on a mission. A mission to destroy Chuck Norris, which of course was harder than it seems.
He buckled his discombobulator to his belt, yelled "Banzai" and lept at Chuck!! But Chuck again stopped him with his mind. But only for a nanosecond before Chuck dropped dead. Unbeknown to all, "Banzai" was the secret pass-phrase that engaged the reverse kill switch. Instead of killing others, his body turned on himself. Bummer. Ought to have used a 109 char password.
The real Dr Who and Arthur Dent turned and looked at each. Chuckie was defeated so it was time to get back into that ute, in the rain, and head out into the galaxy, ah, I mean road. Then the lightning came. It hit the tree the ute was parked under, and the ute caught fire.
The Ute did not start as it came from the Holden stable so they looked around so see if they could Hitchike. Then the ute transformed itself into the fiery guy from the Fantastic Four.
It was a Ford, and so immediately exploded, and then morphed into a Skoda before morphing into a British Leyland, when it immediately fell apart when Top Gear filled it with water. Yet the Stig was still able to set a new lap record while towing a caravan. The Stig promptly crashed into the caravan, making motorists everywhere much happier. James May wept with pain while Jeremy and hamster wept with joy. No star in a reasonably priced car was available to offer a lift to the hitch-hiking Stig. But some say he has wings under that suit.
woooot, woooot, woooot as the Tardis lands beside the Stig and the cybermen pour out from inside Stig reveals his true colours they are red, and Top Gear Dog indiscreetly waters the Tardis. The Top Gear dog spies K9 MK3.
Is there true love in the air?

Unfortunately, all that happened before this post was an epic dream.

But in the manner of classic epics, the powers of good prevailed and by the cunning use of skeins of wool, anti-minotaurus charms, gingerbread repellent and inedible breadcrumbs the assembled heroes were transported to an area where nobody could spell. The ute got a turbo, the mattress dried spontaneously, the top triplets got geared into oblivion, and Lucas was banned from the land of light. Observing that they were still not in Kansas, the Bronzeman and Marvin began to polish themselves. At this Alice donned a hat and Chucked empowered mushrooms from the Norris Wheel. Sizing up the situation, she shrank from the scene smartly. The space Captain declared himself an upright fellow, always on top of the situation, and offered to lead the heroes out of the wilderness, but warned that the mission might take five years.

Meanwhile deep in the urban jungle of Auckland or was it Moscow the ute was regenerating itself using a mixture of Marmite, Vegemite, Raro and L&P. Gone was the turbo in its place grew a new type of super charger, larger wheels and an A-team style body. Alice was very amused by this and said so to the white rabbit
"Go to the army and get some guns."
"Both our guns are out on war jobs this week" the Army's senior keeper of the gun. "In that case you're redundant" cried Alice. "Off with his head!" screamed the Queen, who had been dreaming of a sonless day.
Somehow Steven Joyce managed to get caught up in the act, and the Queen had accidently called for his head to be chopped off instead.
Contemplating the satisfying thud as the head fell to the deck, bouncing off the dais, Martian Luther King wondered what the outcome may have been had his dream not had something to do with recalcitrant South Auckland teenage brats.
The closed Tironui station seemed to be a teenage brat magnet, so he laid a trap, carefully avoiding the railway of course.
Yo, the trap has caught the Ingham twins!.

"Not the bloody Ingham twins everyone cried"
Then the crowds fell silent and fear came over their faces.....they stood face to face to the man ....the one and only...


But the Ingham twins transmogrified into a couple of plucked stuffed chickens, and Steve Norris Transmogrified into JOHN BANKS!! Oh Horror everyone thought. What can we do now?
Quick, form up into a Supercity, and Hide. With this, the Key to the Hiding place was found. But the two plucked and stuffed chickens coyly pointed out that whereas we might have the key, we had forgotten to find out where the hiding place was.
The hiding place was, of course, the Super City, and neither of them had remembered this as they both had amnesia.
Running the city through a quick assembler pass it became obvious that urgent action was needed. Rodney was cheerfully staked out on a volcano and instructed to shut up until the second hour of the eruption after next. He was not missed. (Particularly by the seagulls that enhanced him regularly.)
The chickens meanwhile could not recall getting amnesia, so they ordered a Royal Commission into the "Whatever it was and why it - was /was not - - doing / not doing - whatever it is or isn't doing now, or soon, or last week." This was a pretty standard requirement for Royal Commissions, so rain was ordered for the weekend. Meanwhile, back in the jungle, the lions were eating everything in sight.
The bush telegraph (the only one still working since the demise of P&T, then Telecom) summoned those most eminently qualified to convene Commissions Royal to convene. This opportunity aroused immediate interest amongst past Prime Ministers, Attorneys General, Governors General, some taxi drivers, and my old Aunt Edna.

While over in London Prince Charlie in a fit of deja vu remarried Camilla, talked to his plants and still was waiting to be King. Or was that he married the King talked to Camilla and was still waiting to be a plant? Damn amnesia he would of thought if only he could remember. (Enter chickens stage right closely followed by the Swedish chef)
But unfortunately, Rick Astley turned up, and (expletive deleted) Gordon Ramsay. All of a sudden Ramsay started yelling at everything in sight.
Using his best imitation US accent "oh for F^&* sake' he raged you don't serve lamb without mint sauce, however he was later spotted eating lamb without mint sauce, causing a paradox. By appointment, we hope, ventured the heir to the throne, or was that "hair of the throne?"
Later at an underground bar where Rick Astley is performing John Lennon is overheard in the gents bemoaning the lack of musical talent in the world today.
Rick was singing his most infamous song.
Then the Swedish Chef fixed some meals made in a melody, but nobody could remember if they were hungry.

Ah yes, where was I? That's right, leaving the fighting chefs and miffed musicians I head out back on road. I can't believe I was so easily distracted from my mission.

Mattress firmly stashed on the back of the ute, I drive off using my trusty Navman for directions towards the distant hills.
That weird buzzing noise overhead is a puzzle though. I wonder what is going on? The buzzing overhead was just a speaker strung over a power line. It looks like the brats moved on from shoes.
Drat! The Navman is a generic clone running M$ - the buzzing must be viruses circling in the excessive overheads.
Hey, Ho, Hup! With a deft overhead toss the evil clone is hurled into the lake while the missionaries re-arrange the mattress. With a single bound LL is beside the ute and hands over a TomTom for beating time in case of warps in the continuum.

The mission continues.

The new iGPS promptly claimed to be better but in reality had n real features. Stopping the ute outside a public toilet I rushed in for an ipoo, feeling 3 kg lighter and several $$ poorer but much much wiser I climb back in the ute failing to notice the missing mattress. Setting the iGPS for Queens wharf I fail to make it to party central, and instead find two rusty old sheds, being kept for "historical purposes" when in fact they have no historical significance.
Shrugging off the inability of the insignificant to detect significance I peer along the pier in search of a peer. There, that little pile of embodied evil - Lord Rodney! With the crafty utilisation of 3 mL of fuel, the trusty ute nudges Lord Rodney far out in the harbour to the ringing cheers of thousands of serfs. Alas a public minion races up with an out-thrust summons for casting offensive matter into a waterway. Borrowing, a harpoon I impale the soggy little cretin bobbing in the harbour and drag it onto the wharf, where the minion looks, shudders and kicks the thing back into the harbour. He amends the summons to a charter giving me freedom of the city, with an appended parking offence notice for unauthorised parking in a party zone.
What this place needs is a robot. And then....speaking of robots, my cellphone trilled out its version of "Mori the Hori" (Howard Morrison Quartet) It was John Key asking me to fly to Paris, first class to repatriate the maori shrunken heads.
"I didn't know Maori had shrunken heads" said Banksie the Supercity Lord Mayor Elect in His Own Time. Or was he really Banksy, the famous graffiti artist who wouldn't have known what sort of head a Maori would have, if any! So keep a watch out for someone in red robes and a gold chain painting things with a spray can on walls and fences. It may be Banksie(y).

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probably from the same dictionary "Wot" came from

Where is your Capitalisation and full stop? :dogeye::dogeye:

05-05-2010, 03:33 PM
are you blind?

as far as I can see, the capitalization remains as I typed it - the uppercase "W"

....the full stop is not required as the word is encased in quotation marks


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what's a stpe???

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Amusing to see an ad. at the top of the page for DRM removal software.


kahawai chaser
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For the best mp3 links forum, spam was increasing with up to 50 links daily (probably a bot type program) for up to 4 months, but never removed until recently. They had to revamp the entire site.