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26-04-2010, 12:23 PM
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Apple Inc. /quotes/comstock/15*!aapl/quotes/nls/aapl (AAPL 270.83, +4.36, +1.64%) became the second-largest company, in terms of market capitalization, on the S&P 500 /quotes/comstock/21z!i1:in\x (SPX 1,217, +8.61, +0.71%) Thursday, trailing only Exxon Mobil /quotes/comstock/13*!xom/quotes/nls/xom (XOM 69.24, +0.68, +0.99%) , according to Standard & Poor's index services unit. The S&P 500 is float-adjusted, so it doesn't use the full market basis for Microsoft. Apple's float-adjusted market cap reached $241.5 billion, surpassing Microsoft Corp.'s /quotes/comstock/15*!msft/quotes/nls/msft (MSFT 30.96, -0.43, -1.37%) index market value of $239.5 billion, said Standard & Poor's. Exxon still remains in the top spot on the S&P 500 with a market cap of more than $300 billion, said S&P. (Updates to correct Apple market capitalization and clarifies Standard & Poor's ranking.)

Is this the part of the decline of Microsoft, with Apple and also Google as significant competitors.

26-04-2010, 12:29 PM
Hilarious, the maggots are fighting over which of them
owns the largest share of the corpse.

Speedy Gonzales
26-04-2010, 12:52 PM
Who really cares. If they hate each other so much, why do they make software for each other

26-04-2010, 12:52 PM
Apple Inc. / became the second-largest company, in terms of market capitalization

In terms of market share they barely exist.

26-04-2010, 01:11 PM
Microsoft still has the better price to earnings ratio. This means Microsoft is better value/Apple is relatively overvalued.

26-04-2010, 01:44 PM
Apple HAS to be overpriced - it is the Apple way.

Also, you can only buy or sell their shares using i$ from iTraders, however the certificates are equipped with holograms in 8 Mhues on both sides, and are lighter and thinner than common stock. Naturally the serial numbers are all prime numbers.

27-04-2010, 12:41 AM
Nah, that's a load of BS.

Float-adjusted market cap is NOT Market capitalization. That measure is still ALL the shares of a company, not just the one available for sale. Just because Bill Gates owns some doesn't mean that they magically disappear.