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16-04-2010, 05:04 AM
................are pretty much the same as here:

* Ex-cop loses sex with prostitute appeal
* Jury told differing versions of carpark death
* Man jailed for 21st DUI conviction
* Cause of Raglan fire revealed Photos
* Council wins bus victory
* Mercury spill in bedroom
* Hockey player's sentencing adjourned
* Worker killed in farm accident named
* NZ pilot avoids trial
* Goff slams PM's US trip Photos
* Row breaks out over visitors to Moko
* Man sought over bank robbery named
* Man accused of dragging dog behind scooter
* Police name robbery suspect
* Men in court over balcony fall death
* Men jailed over extortion attempt
* New music channel launched
* Auckland ceremony for Polish crash victims Photos Video
* Nelson solicitor appointed judge
* Ute driver sought over kidnap attempt
* Ambulance delays cited in woman's death
* Prison guard faces corruption charge
* Landing craft useless
* Hit-and-run victim left bleeding, court told
* Anonymous tipster urged to call back
* Telecom earnings forecasts slashed - Is the company a good investment?
* Working mums strike back
* Bullying thriving in the workplace
* Young fan seeks answers on how to cut two years off his saving plan
* Mouldy pancakes flatten appetite
* Eyewitness describes carpark hit-and-run
* Family battle for bodies of murdered children
* Unsung Heroes: Dedication to disabled leaves tireless worker little spare time
* US report critical of private prisons
* Real estate watchdog fields 320 complaints in first 5 months
* Tense debate over 'party central'
* Sales dip no worry for V8 race chief
* Police hope bottle will give answers
* NZ helps track cyber sex groomers
* Questions over police handling of officer's case
* Korea graduates see work scheme benefit
* Motorway cleared for tunnel wall
* Train staff chase ticket cheats after complaints
* Council offers loans for warming homes
* Ask Phoebe: Falling branches meant poplars had to be axed
* Sex motel too close to homes, say critics
* Garth George: High hopes for poor dashed by reality
* Smoker wants e-ciggie nicotine at a shop near him
* Appeal raises $100,000 for slain driver's family
* Alex Swney: One simple step to avoid spectacular failure

See? We're not that far apart like some may think.