View Full Version : Uninstall / Install problems

16-03-1999, 08:59 PM
I recently installed quicktime 32 3.0
to watch the new starwars preview.
Unfortunatly, whilst it was preparing to run by booting the install wizard it came up with an error, the message involved a problem in _delis and kernel32.dll.

On my HDD there are no files matching the description _delis, and I replaced kernel32, ran the system files checker and re-installed all of windows 98.

But now, everytime I try to install or remove a product from my computer the install wizard comes up with an error caused by _delis and kernel32.dll.

I am stuck for ideas on what this could be, bbut at the moment, I cannot add or remove any software from my computer which is a REAL hassle.

If you have any help, I would apreciate it. Regards, Cordoba@ihug.co.nz