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24-03-2010, 07:35 AM
I currently have 3 19" (not widescreen) LCD monitors attached to my computer. I am looking at replacing one with a widescreen, but am not sure what size I need. It needs to be as close to the height of a 19" display (ignoring the surrounds) as possible, but definitely no shorter (slightly taller is fine).

Anyone know what size widescreen I should be looking at? The sizes of widescreens don't seem to match the size of non-widescreen monitors. And it's a bit expensive for some trial-and-error testing :D

And on the note of widescreen monitors, is there anything I should look for or avoid?


24-03-2010, 08:17 AM
22' wide screen is approximatly the same highth as a 17' normal.

24-03-2010, 09:13 AM
If you are thinking 22'' you might have to go to a 16:10 aspect ratio to get that height.
A 24'' with a 16:9 would also be about that height.

24-03-2010, 09:50 AM
My 19" 1280*1024 (5:4) non-widescreen is 303mm high.
My 22" 1680*1050 (16:10) widescreen is 298mm high.

The monitor size calculator at


is quite good