View Full Version : Active Sync/Outlook/Mobile Phone and Text messages

12-03-2010, 07:51 PM
I want to set up a an old Pocket PC Mobile to active sync with Outlook.
Primarily for the Text Messages to be save into Outlook for easy reading.
But here is the catch, how can I then share these texts with other users of Outlook (who are connected to my work place's Exchange Server)?

We achieved the first part, but not the second.
Would either like to forward the messages or share the folder.

This just doesn't seem to be possible.
SMS Folder doesn't show up in webmail. So it clearly is saved to a local folder (which I have checked and confirmed)
I can't set up a rule to forward texts... just not an option.
Any ideas?
Can anyone think of an alternative?

We plan to use the mobile primarily to receive Text messages and hopefully forward them on to others via an email client/exchange or some other software. Automatically without user intervention.

Exchange 2003/Outlook 2007/Vista OS/ Mobile Windows Mobile 5.0 Apache Pocket PC
So yeah, it as old phone...