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11-03-2010, 09:01 PM
The DVD drive in my computer seems to be slow to start up and I'm having a rough time installing W7 X64 to hard drve as the dvd drive seems to take forever to get the instal underway once the preliminary "Loading Setup files" is done.
Not only that, I am attempting to instal W7 X64 to to an unformatted 78GB partition of Primary 160GB Sata2 HDD, or to a totally empty 1TB Sata2 HDD, all to no avail, using either 'Boot from DVD" or from an open W7 X86 desktop. However, thats not the question really.
The question is about 'Transfer rates" and from what I gather, the higher the Transfer rate, the better it is.
I was looking into System info and everything is ok, however in 'Components/Multimedia/CD-ROM" the transfer rate shown for the drive I have is " -1.00 kbytes/sec "
I wondering that if Faster/Higher is best, whats a minus 1.00 going to yield? the drive works well when I use it to burn files/data too.
Here is the info shown in Systyem Info about the dvd drive

Drive: D:
Description: CD-ROM Drive
Media loaded: No
Media type: DVD Writer
Status: OK
Transfer Rate: -1.00 kbytes/sec
SCSI Target ID: 0
PNP Device ID: IDE\CDROMPIONEER_DVR-112D...............1.28........\5&2767ACAC&0&0.0.0
Driver: c:\windows\system32\drivers\cdrom.sys (6.1.7600.16285,106.00KB (108,544 bytes), 7/14/2009

Is Minus one TRate Ok? I think the IDE cable is 80 wire.

OS: W7 Ultimate X86
Gigabyte M68SM-S2L ( F9e beta BIOS)
AMD AthlonII X4 630 2.8GHz Quadcoare
4GB A-Data PC6400 DDR2 Dual channel RAM
1x160 Seagate Barracuda Sata2 HDD, 1x1TB Seagate Barracuda Sata2 slave HDD, 2x1TB Seagate External Expansion drives
Gigabyte Nividia GeForce 7300GS (GV-NX73G128D--RH
550W Coolermaster PSU

12-03-2010, 08:46 AM
Do you mean that the installation takes so long that you have to give up?

-1kb/sec doesnt look good. It should be near ~20,000kb/sec.

Is the DVD drive new?

12-03-2010, 08:57 AM
Where are you going to get this info?

12-03-2010, 02:14 PM
pkm, the installation can take up to 45 minutes with 3 or 4 reboots. I have figured out that it is in the final stage of the instal of W7 X64, when it gets to the part where it says " Completing installation" that it is not completing. The Status indicator is not fully green, about 20% short of being fully green, and furthermore, I have not entered a User name, Password or entered the License key. When it reboots and opens into the Starting windows screen and the W7 icon materializes, all it does is pulsate onscreen for eternity. Took me ages to figure that the Imstal of X64 was not completing.
I'm going to try the DVD in mates computer/optic drive at weekend and instal an 80GB IDE ATA HDD into his computer and see what the outcome is. Might take the DVD drive to try out as well.
Try to load the Driver CD for the Vid card and that is slow to open up as well......I remeber when I had the Compaq Presario S3010AN running XP Pro SP3, 768MB DDR SDRAM, AMD Athlon XP2000+ 1.67 CPU and IDE ATA HDD's and Asus 1814BL DVD RW..................insert disc into optical drive and it was showing on screen within5 secs, close enough....hell, today I'm running 4GB PC6400 dual channel and a 2.8GHz AMD AthlonII X4 630 CPU and I'm waiting a minute or more for anything to happen..........hmmmm.......somethings amiss
The DVD drive is newish....by that I mean that the woman from whom I got the computer had it custom built by PB Tech, Porana Rd, Nth Shore Auckland and the date of puchase on the receipts I have is 25/05/2006. I have upgraded it from the AMD Athlon 64 X2 to the AMD Athlon II X4 630 cpu with a BIOS upgrade to the F9e in order for it to run the X4 630 CPU, and upgraded from 1GB Apacer PC2 5300 RAM to the 4GB of Adata PC6400 RAM Dual channel.
The woman I got the computer from I know well and her use of the Pioneer DVD drive would have been minimal. She only really used the computer for Banking and playing Spider solitaire. Straight up, so I say the drive is newish. I have only had it for about5 weeks and I have not used the optical drive for much apart from loading Vid card drivers, W7 X86 and a few programs that I had on DVD/CD needed to do the Digital Media Degree course in which I am enrolled.
So it looks like the drive is about -20,001kb/s.........bummer.
Food for thought and try remember what the drive ran like before I did the BIOS upgrade from F3 to F9e
wratterus, if you mean where am I getting the info on the drive that I listed above, I am getting it from that which is displayed ' System Information/System summary/Components/Multimedia/CD-ROM'. I copied and typed exactly what is displayed there.
As for where I am going to get the information to perhaps find what is causing the -1.00kb/s Transfer Rate (reading) and getting it raised to a Normal reading, I do not know.
As I said, it seemed to me that a -1.00kb/s Transfre Rate of data from an optical drive to a Sata2 HDD was not quite right.
One other thing that comes to mind is that when I was looking into the 'Setup-BIOS' option from POST, I noticed that the 160GB Sata2 Primary/Master HDD was running in IDE mode/connection. A bit of googling and I found how to set it to AHCI but attempts to change from the IDE mode to AHCI mode, were fruitless. Perhaps it OK as it is. I don't know. Do Sata 2 HDD's normally run in IDE mode? I don't have any RAID setups, I know nothing about setting them up. Don't think I can run/combine a 160GB Sata2 and a 1TB Sata2 HDD in any form of Stripped or RAID setup.
Thats about it really.
Thanks for your input and ideas
I have to get to the tech library and won't be able to get back here til after 5pm today.
Thanks again
ps: I haven't as yet checked the settings for PIO or DMA......forgot all about them. Not sure if they even in W7 X86...............I'll have a look later.

Speedy Gonzales
12-03-2010, 02:31 PM
Try installing it with 2 GB ram. Some systems wont install with more ram. Why, I have no idea. Then see what happens. If it completes the install, install the rest of the ram. There shouldnt be any probs changing IDE to AHCI in the BIOS. BUT, you usually do this, BEFORE you install an OS. This should work with Vista and Win7, but you'll have to add the drivers for XP (if you want to use AHCI). And you can use AHCI for SATA (even if youre not using RAID). I'm using it here

12-03-2010, 07:38 PM
Cheers Speedy, I'll run your suggestions through once I get dried off. Weather went inclement and chucked the wet stuff down while I was on way home and inbetween shelter. Sods law.
I think I will remove all HDD's bar the one I will send the X64 to, and I think I will use the 1TB Sata connected as C drive. Nothing else. It has no partitions on it and I won't create any. I may let the Instal format the drive and go from there.
I will get into BIOS and again attempt to set the SATA HDD from IDE to AHCI. If it won't do it I'll leave things as are set to IDE.
Re the PIO / DMA settings:
Device Manager/IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers/Properties gives the following info-

ATA Channel 0
General Tab:
Device Type:.....IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
Manufacture:....(Standard IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers)
Status:.............Device working properly
Advanced Settings:
Supported Devices:...2
TARGET ID.........Device Type........Current Mode
0................ATA Disk...........UDMA Mode 6
ATA Channel 0 (there are two ATA channel 0's)
General Tab: Same info as above General Tab

Advanced Settings:
Supported Devices:...2
TARGET ID.........Device Type........Current Mode
0............ ATAPI Cdrom.........UDMA Mode 4
.................................................. .....

Then there are two ATA Channel 1 entries and apart from the General Tab info being the same as above, there is nothing in the Advanced Settings window for either of them.

Two further entries show for Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller and there is nothing in them apart from 'Driver', 'Details' and "resources'. There are no conflicts or problems. In fact, there were no conflicts/problem devices/software problems showing anywhere in System Information "Hardware Resources", "Components" and "Software Environment"
Thats it for now, I'm almost dried out and going to get warm wet in a hot shower.
Just remembered that I have 2 DVD drives in store, tucked away in the stuff I picked up from Bluff weeks ago, Now thats handy for an eliminating process. Try it out later.
Speaking of Bluff..............hows the problem you had with your internet connection dropping in/out. Modem wasn't it? I still have the Linksy's ADSL+ Modem if you need it. You didn't PM or email me before when I offered it to you. Still available if you need it. My mistake,it isn't an AM300 ADSL2+, it is model AM300 ADSL.

Back later with a look in here before I strip out the com to 1 HDD and 2GB RAM.

Speedy Gonzales
12-03-2010, 07:52 PM
The modem is OK. Well, I'm still connected (thats the main thing). I may save up for a wireless N modem / router (Or G if they exist), with gigabit ports. Since, I'm making up a few more mobos with GB Nic's onboard

17-03-2010, 01:34 PM
Hi hi, aye aye. Back with the latest on the two subjects.
Firstly, I'll clear up the actual thread suject: optical drive showing -1.0kb/s Transfer rate.
Apart from the contents of the cd or dvd disc inserted in the drive not displaying onscreen as usually happens when one is put in drive and it spins up reading the disc, theres not much wrong with the drive. After seeing that an .iso mounted in a virtual drive but not running showed a transfer rate of 18,000kb/s, I was enlightened and realised that I was looking at the T-Rate reading of the physical optical drive without a disc spinning in it....duh...popped a dvd in and reading was 8,800kb/s. Not the ~20,000kbps mentioned by pkm but better than -1.0kbps.
Stupid thing is that I fresh installed W7 X86 to disk0 partition 2 and the TR showed as 8,864kbps and there wasn't a disc in the drive spinning.
In either the W7 X86 on either disk0 partition 1 or 2, the optical drive spins up when a disc is inserted, and then stops. It does not autoplay the disc. I have to go to Conputer>DVD drive and either double click the icon or left click/open//open with to get some action out of it.
In Control panel > Autoplay > Media, all Audio and DVD are set to 'Play using VLC media player. Software and games setting is to 'Instal or run from media'. Pictures/Video/ Audio files, 'Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer'
This these things are not being done. Its all a manual operation......wearing out the mouse buttons.

Now for the 'off topic' and off it is in BOLD capitals
This computer which is 64 Bit compliant, is not going to comply and allow me to run a X64 OS. I've been to the mountain and back, more than thrice I may add,and there is No way Jose am I gonna get 64 Bit installed to any HDD whether it be to a data free HDD (SATA2 or IDE ATA) or a partition thereof.
I had a thought and created an .iso from the original OS DVD thinking to run it in a virtual drive and thus bypass the optical drive. Did just that but still No-go in all the way. Still the same Incomplete " Completing Installation ", doesn't continue instal to 100% after restart scenario.
I took my Optical drive, 1TB Sata and 80GB IDE HDD's and W7 Ultimate X86 X64 dvd to mates, no good. his com 32it capable IDE ATA.
"Go South young man" a voice boomed in me 'ead and off I tootled to Bluff: Gateway to the Antartic and South Pole. Mate there 64Bit capable.
LOaded up my DVD drive and installed from my W7 OS DVD nice fresh installations of 64 Bit W7 Ult without a blink of an eye, barring the mandatory 'Restarts' during the installation process.
To check out my theories re: my com no ago-go X64 Bit, I borrowed his W7 Pro X64 disc, bought it home and tried to instal it on my computer. I wont insult your intelligence and tell you that it didn't instal, because it didn't instal :D :D
Mind you, I didn't try the instal of Pro until I had my two OS loaded SATA and IDE HDD's in my computer to see if they would work. Didn't of course. Not like the old days of four yeags ago when I could transfer HDD's from one com to another and they would boot open into either 98, XP, 2000 OS that was installed on them. Older computers do it. I did it here with my landlords com and mine. We both had HP Compaq's but mine was model Presario S3010AN and his was a model just after it but about year 2001. Mine was 2000 made.
Same mobo's(almost). Think thats why it does it. Dunno really but its a good guess.
Thats it
Looks like I have to get a mobo that is AM3 64Bit up and ready to go. I considering one of the following.

Use RAM and CPU I have

Asus M4A785-M
Gigabyte GA-MA785G-UD3

Use CPU and step up to DDR3 RAM

Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H:-
Asus M4A785TD-M-EVO:-
.................................................. ...........
My only thoughts on the failure to instal the X64 to my com point towards the Award F9e (Beta) BIOS.
I managed to sort out the problem I had with the USB2 K-board not functioning during the Boot stage. All I had to do was Enable the function in BIOS Setup. Duh...:D :D :D
Tiptoe through the chew-lips

Now I gotta do some work.
Ciao and thanks. Any more ideas and input welcome from all.

Speedy, thats good to hear your still here, online.layout incorrect