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28-02-2010, 05:47 PM
I recently built a new PC on which I installed Windows 7 RC edition ( build 7100) 64bit. I have been pleased as to how it has gone even though I have had to search at times for 64 bit auxiliary software. Alas the time has come to replace it with a paid version and I have bought Win7 Home Premium. Now the fun part which I am mentally gearing myself up for, ie the new install.
1. I will do a clean install as advised ( ie Set to boot from CD ,put in new Win 7 CD and hopefully clean/reformat the Hard Drive.
2. At this point I am curious about Partitioning. Previously the Win7 RC edition had set a 100mb System Reserved partition, then under C: shows the following
Boot, Page File,Crash Dump, Primary Partition.
I haven't had previous experience with setting up or even deciding if I should have separate partitions for My Documents,Photos, Music etc.
Going on line seems to produce so many opinions on whether the exercise is of any advantage.
Factually I have a single Hard Drive, a Samsung 1Tb and was advised not to bother with RAID so have set up the system accordingly.
At this stage, I can alter or change anything as I dont have any files or such to keep as all that stuff is basically on my older Win XP Computer.
I welcome all advice on what is the best way to go at this point. Thanks to All

Speedy Gonzales
28-02-2010, 05:55 PM
The 100 mb partition is for bitlocker. If you dont want it, just make the partitions bigger. Then it wont be able to create it

28-02-2010, 06:48 PM
I just make my self a C and D drive install win7 and software to C and save my files to D i find for me it makes my backups more manageable as I image the C drive weekely and save my docs as docs using syncback. I don't image the D drive as it means I can recover them onto any computer

28-02-2010, 08:59 PM
When you install W7 ou are asked if you want to delete the 1st partition. If you say yes it will make a 100mb system reserve partition plus a C partition.

If you say No it will install in the existing partition (which should be a freshly formatted primary NFTS).

I have tried both ways & there is no difference in performance. The single partition is possibly easier to back up, but not an issue.

I have a C primary partition of 30gig for W7 & programs, a D partition for Data (My Documents is moved to it), E partition for work files (in my case, web sites).

30gigs only takes about 15 minutes to make an image of usin Acronis, Paragon etc.

Your Data & work files are easily backed up by zipping them.