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26-02-2010, 12:39 PM
There was a similar thread from another user about one of these that kept disconnecting from the Internet ("Router disconnecting to internet constantly").

I have had the exact same issue with my Thomson Wireless Router, TG585v7, Software version My previous D-Link Wireless router never gave me any trouble, but as soon as I installed the Thomson, I kept losing connectivity. I could watch it rebooting in front of me, all lights off, restart and reconnect.

I complained to Xtra who sent me another - exactly same problem. We were away for a week in Jan and it never rebooted once. I started wondering about Wifi devices , we use an HP Ipaq (it won't connect at all to the Thomson but will to other Acess Points) - so I turned Ipaq off for several days to eliminate but Router still rebooting several times a day. My wife has an Apple IPod and her work Lenovo Thinkpad and it seems "perhaps" it's when one of those is active or is charging that we have problems. We are working through that isolation now but I'd be interested to know if others having similar issues?

It was a mission to configure it for remote access so I could connect to home from work and that's the biggest issue - I use "Log me in" to keep track of my Public IP but prefer using RDP for the actual connection as it's faster and gives a better display. But several times a day I have to reconnect with a different IP cause it reboots itself and can take LMI up to 15 minutes to report the IP change. Talk about frustrating.

I suspect these Thomson Routers are just cheap crap because there's heaps of hits overseas for the same issue. No it's not overheating, no dodgy power outlets. Old Dlink is rock solid, both Thomsons flakey as. And yes I changed the power adapter too.

Cheers and thanks for any feedback and perhaps my experience will help others isolate or confirm their issue.


Speedy Gonzales
26-02-2010, 01:13 PM
According to some sites, this modem has a habit of rebooting, with the firmware thats on it, including the version thats on yours (inc later versions of the firmware). And some people fixed it by disabling UPNP in the router. Some people also had probs with wireless. Turn it on, it screwed up. I would get a better modem

26-02-2010, 09:41 PM
Hi Cookee, welcome to PressF1!

To be honest, the load heats them up a bit, combined with this summer weather, it doesn't help their uptime. Even if it feels semi-cool on the outside, chances are that's what's causing it, as you mentioned when you went away (less usage / load) it never rebooted.

These may be of interest to you:

Anyways personally I'd shift it, move where it's physically located, or get yourself an NB6Plus4WN :)