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08-08-2001, 11:54 AM
My problem is exactly the same as the problem re 'Accessibility Wizard Hog' in a previous issue of PC World, regarding downloading files (my problem are RAM files rather than CGI or ASP files). I get error message each time 'There was a problem loading the file specified when running the Accessibility Wizard'. I too removed the Wizard but got the message 'Windows cannot find ACCWIZ.EXE. This program is needed in opening files of type RAM)' etc etc. PC World suggested to the previous person to remove the association to the Accessibility Wizard by opening Explorer window, selecting View, Folder Options and clicking on file types tab and removing the association. My question is: Is it OK to do the same with the RAM files. I am reluctant to do something which may stuff up my PC!
Thanks for your time.
Sheila Smart, Sydney