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02-02-2010, 06:43 AM
Was visiting friends last night and went to have a look at their desktop as it's running slow.

Tried to open both C & D drive from my computer looking for a file and both drives whether double clicking or right clicking and going open will bring up the 'What program do you want to use to open this with' dialogue box.

However the DVD drive opens fine to check the contents of a disc.

Anyone come across this before as I don't know which to choose to get it back.

I don't have the comp here so can't check anything until I go back to visit again

02-02-2010, 08:00 AM
Have a read of This forum (http://en.kioskea.net/forum/affich-24784-can-t-open-drive-d-with-duoble-click) -- look for the person jusk.
I had this problem too, then I made a new topic here and guys like Ravi and Manmeent helped me out her's what Ravi wrote (only instead of C write E and F):
go to command prompt and write this command

c:\> attrib -r -s -h autorun.inf
c:\> del autorun.inf
d:\> attrib -r -s -h autorun.inf
d:\> del autorun.inf
restart the pc
And here's the best and easyest suggestion of what Manmeet wrote(it worked for me!):

1Open Start >> Run and type regsvr32 /i shell32.dll
2. press ok
3. You will see a message DllRegisterServer and DllInstall in shell32.dll succeeded
4. that�s it

Also you can go here (http://www.dougknox.com/xp/file_assoc.htm) Download the fix called Drive Association Fix (Restores default settings for hard drives) 7th one down.

02-02-2010, 08:15 PM
Thanks Wainui will give it a try next time I'm round at their place