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06-08-2001, 06:47 PM
Where on your website is the programme to download that removes the annoying greater than signs that appear at the start of each line of text in an email when it is forwarded on? I seem to remember you writing once that there is a programme avail linked to your site that removes these.

Terry Smith

06-08-2001, 07:45 PM
Hi Terry,
This is a freeware one Stripmail.
Or do a search for Ecleaner
my last link was

06-08-2001, 08:16 PM
...there are a number of free utilities one may download to remove those annoying >>> signs (as well as the solid verical line in OE).

However, the following trick from the Gnomies over at Lockergnome.com will do the trick too.

'...Lockergnomie Davis Straub (co-author of the best-selling book, Windows 98 Secrets) told me about a killer trick for a major Outlook 98 & Outlook Express annoyance.

'Have you ever seen those solid lines to the left of your reply text in HTML formatted messages? Here's Davis's way to get rid of them: 'after you click 'Reply' and get the vertical line(s) on the left, move your text cursor to the spot where you want to insert a response and press 'Enter'--this will extend the line.

'Next, click the 'Paragraph Style' button on the OE format bar (notice that there is a dot next to normal). Click 'Normal' and the lines will DISAPPEAR!

'Be sure to check out http://www.davisstraub.com/secrets/ for the entire OE chapter!'

Cheers !!!