View Full Version : is this a ggod gameing computer

22-01-2010, 04:27 PM
|- Processor --- AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 245 2.9GHz x2, AM3
|- Motherboard --- NVIDIA Nforce 430/ GeForce 6100 Chipset ATX Motherboard
|- Memory --- 4GB DDR2-800 Memory
|- Hard Drive --- 500GB SATA2 Hard Drive
|- DVD Writer --- 22x Speed Optical DVD Writer
|- PC Case --- Tornado Piano Painting Middle Tower Case
|- Video --- NVIDIA GeForce 6100 Video with up to 256 Shared Memory
|- Audio --- 6-Channel High-Definition Audio, VIA VT1708B
|- Network --- 10/100M LAN
|- Warranty --- 1 Year Return to Base Warranty

it costs $549 on TradeMe, is it a good deal

22-01-2010, 04:38 PM
Any good - Who knows? What brands are the components in it? Like the motherboard, the hard drive, and importantly the PSU.

As for the gaming use, its utterly useless. It has NO graphics card in it at all only integrated graphics.

It doesn't mention an operating system either, and 1 year warranty is a joke.

This is what you should look at.


You can amend there choices, with or wiothout monitor etc, alter components, alter brands.

Remember, the graphics card is the single most important component in a gaming PC, the more you spend, the better the card generally. Depends what games you are interested in playing so you may get away with a cheaper one but cheap and gaming do not belong in the same sentence.

22-01-2010, 04:38 PM
also will it be able to games like empire total war

22-01-2010, 05:12 PM
short answer is no. depends on what res you want to play at. But 6100 graphics are utterly useless really. and the mobo is old AFAIK.

Do you have any sort of budget?

22-01-2010, 09:53 PM
That's an awful deal.

Just looking on Ascent.co.nz I managed to put together a passable low end gaming system for $867.68. This is what I'd consider lowest end, but will still play most games at ok settings. There are all sorts of things you could do to upgrade this, but you'll get a warranty, peace of mind and a gaming machine with this.

CPU - $142.89 E6500 (http://www.ascent.co.nz/productspecification.aspx?ItemID=384150)
Video Card - $198.32 MSI Radeon HD4850 (http://www.ascent.co.nz/productspecification.aspx?ItemID=380546)
Memory - $112.65 G.Skill 2x1GB, DDR2-800 (http://www.ascent.co.nz/productspecification.aspx?ItemID=349631)
Case and PSU - $170.09 Cooler Master Elite 310 (http://www.ascent.co.nz/productspecification.aspx?ItemID=384426)
HDD - $77.96 Seagate 250GB Baracuda (http://www.ascent.co.nz/productspecification.aspx?ItemID=359340)

22-01-2010, 11:06 PM
Where is the motherboard there, Thebananamonkey?:p

22-01-2010, 11:19 PM
I knew I'd forgotten something...

I had meant to include this, which is why the price I started with doesn't quite work out without it.

MoBo - $165.77 Asus P5Q SE2 (http://www.ascent.co.nz/productspecification.aspx?ItemID=378897)