View Full Version : Using phone as modem on laptop

19-01-2010, 11:03 PM
I used to be able to do this when running Vista. I set the USB network mode to "phone as modem" on my phone, plugged it in and it automatically connected. Now running Windows 7, I plug it in and nothing happens.

So I click into "Setup a new connection or network" and click Dial-up and I get 3 modems, "Agere Systems HDA Modem", "Sony Ericsson Device 1018 USB WMC Modem", "Sony Ericsson Device 1018 USB WMC Data Modem".

They all ask for a phone number and a username and password and I have absolutely no idea what the hell I'm doing!

Any help would be appreciated!

19-01-2010, 11:35 PM
Hmmm it seems to be working, using *99# as the phone number.