View Full Version : TIP: Removing subborn registry entries (re: Norton's)

06-08-2001, 08:36 AM
In the last few days I have used this wonderful PCWorld forum to solve a persistent problem: how to get rid of Norton's Anti-Virus (since it does not have an unistaller and just could not be removed using the usual uninstall methods like Windows Add/Remove or Clean Sweep).

I found that I had to do a combination of things in order to clean up the registry so that the system booted up normally:
1. Use RegCleaner, a free download found at http://www.jv16.org/ This is a nice program with good features!
2. Use MSCONFIG.EXE, not only the Start Up section but the other tabs as well. Find this on your Windows platform by doing a search in 'Find', via the 'Start' button.
3. Use Norton's RegEdit, more than once. There are MANY registry entries to examine so it is easy to miss it on the first try. Same for RegCleaner - use it twice, and be patient, thorough with your search.
4. Use Norton's WinDoctor (or similar program). Surprisingly, such a Windows-Problems-Fixer will find registry problems that may be missed using the above methods!
5. Remember to back everything up (the option given with the registry editing programs above) in case you get to carried away deleting suspicious registry entries.
6. Lastly (but could be your first step), when you get a warning upon booting (see my original post), write the text on paper, then enter the words in a good search engine such as Google.com This actually took me to the Norton technical help site where it explained what the warning meant. This simply told me that the warning related to Norton's AntiVirus rather than the Windows system as I had thought.

You may be wondering why I chose to get rid of Norton's AntiVirus. Although I am a happy user of Norton System Works, etc., their AntiVirus is not the best. It may be the most popular, but other programs do better as judged by independent testing (e.g. West Coast Labs). Now I use Computer Associated EZ AntiVirus, which is the old InoculateIt (no longer a free program). Another superior antivirus is NOD32 from Australia and possibly F-Prot. By the way, EZ Antivirus is only $19.95 USD with subsequent annual updates at only $9.95. Other antivirus programs will not even give their annual update prices, probably because they want you to get an entirely new program every year!

THANKS to those who gave me advice for my original NAV AUTO PROTECT warning problem. Your help kept me going so that I did not give up.

Cheers, Steve L.