View Full Version : Soundcard error (LS_ERROR:19)

05-08-2001, 04:07 PM
I've installed the 'Sprint Car Racing' game, and cannot get it to run. The game demo/intro all runs well (both video and sound)and so do the setup screens, but when I hit enter to start racing, I get the message 'LS_ERROR:19 Sound Error SetFreq Error!'. The graphics freeze and it drops back to Windows. There are no conflicts listed in my Device Manager. I have the latest sound card drivers, and am runing DirectX 7. All other (later) games work perfectly.
The help people at MindGames advised a number of things, none of which have worked.
My system is a Celeron466, 128MB RAM, NVIDIA Vanta grafix, plenty of HDD space.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.