View Full Version : Compaq Evo n410c docking station issue

05-01-2010, 10:27 AM
the laptop starts up fine when its off the docking station but when i put it on the docking station(whic i need cos of dvd drive etc) it will turn on at its stuck on the compaq splash screen and the floppy light is on. their is no floppy in the drive.

i tried taking out the floppy drive but that didnt work. i swaped the dvd and floppy drive into opposite ports but that didn't work eithier.

im thinking using a dos startup disk made in xp? only problem is the pc with the floppy drive is in pieces untill i put my tv card back in it (and im gonna have 2 run spybot or something its gonna top over)

the only other pc that has a floppy drive is the laptop. it has xp pro 383mb ram 16mb mobility radeon video card etc..

any help would be greatly appreciated.