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30-12-2009, 02:12 PM
Right on SWMBO machine there is a widescreen monitor

my wife and i both have accounts on this machine, and both of us have the taskbar up the right hand side of the screen.

But we are both having issues

when I refer to icons I am meaning the shortcut icons that appear in the quick launch bar

My Problem

Sometimes when i maximise a window, part of it disappears under the taskbar, this doesn't happen when i first log in however when i switch back to my profile after my wife has been in her profile sometimes maximising windows will make them disappear under the taskbar, when this starts happening it effects all programs so anything maximised i lose the minimise, maximise, close buttons and a an inch of the right of the active application

Attached file: screen-wid.gif (http://www.imagef1.net.nz/files/screen-wid.gif) (8 KB)

(and yes I do know how to minimise and maximise etc without the buttons)

I can fix the problem by unlocking and then locking the taskbar and that solves it, but i want to prevent it happening in the first place

Wifes problem (apart from me)

Her taskbar is set to be 3 icons wide, we set it to this lock the taskbar etc, but the next time we reboot it defaults back to one icon wide, and yes i do lock the taskbar at 3 icons wide. My side doesn't do this but I believe this is because i use a third party launch bar (free launch bar), i am probably going to replace her quick launchbar with the freelaunchbar to solve the problem, but i would just like to know why the settings weren't sticking

as usual any help would be greatly appreciated