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28-12-2009, 03:52 PM
Win7 pro 64bit
LiteOn iHOS104

I just bought an internal BD drive. I dont have any BDs yet, so I just tried watching a DVD. Using windows media player 12, everythings perfect. The drive came bundled with powerdvd 8, which is being a huge pain in the ass though.

Its a mission just to get it to open. Often it doesnt do anything, and I have to click it multiple times to get it to run. Once its open, as soon as I select the BD drive as the source, it starts playing automatically but before it gets anywhere it stops itself. Opening the config window and going into the video tab will crash it.
So its incompatible for some reason. Thats cool, I can go with that.

So next I download the trial of the latest windvd, which works as it should, except the DVD playback I get with that is equivalent to trying to play a DVD covered in fingerprints and scratches. Again, WMP plays it flawlessly.

What should I do now?

Speedy Gonzales
28-12-2009, 04:01 PM
If WMP works use it instead

28-12-2009, 04:08 PM
As far as I know WMP does not support blu ray.

28-12-2009, 04:33 PM
Have a read of This article (http://windows7news.com/2009/10/13/how-to-get-blue-ray-support-in-windows-7/) - you may just need the correct Codec. Cant test it - dont have a blu-Ray drive (yet)

28-12-2009, 07:54 PM
Windows 7 only supports Blu-Ray for burning disks. It will not support the playback of Blu-Ray movies natively.

Of the 3 main commercial players Total Media Theater 3 is probably the best and has the best support. I purchased it after getting sick of the hassles with Power DVD.

Power DVD has a terrible reputation for customer support. Their latest upgrade patches have made the player very flaky. But you need the updates to play the latest movies. On my copy of Power DVD the latest updates causes it to crash on launch, no matter what I am playing.

I never tried WinDVD 9 as it was very expensive if buying in NZ. It was also supposed to have the most compatibility issues with blu-ray playback. I don't know anything about their latest version 2010.

Of the free programs Media Player Classic will playback Blu-Ray but not if it is encrypted. Unless you have AnyDVD HD of course. :-)

Speedy Gonzales
28-12-2009, 08:00 PM
I've tried windvd 2010 but it crashes on exiting it (well it did with Vista x64). Dont know about Win7. I havent reinstalled it