View Full Version : formulating charts and budgeting

16-09-1998, 12:21 PM
Your items on formulating charts (Aug page 128)and budgeting (Sept. page 122).
I have MS Excel version 7.0 and use a budgeting chart showing the actual differences between Budget and Actual
without first translating to a percentage difference. Part of the formula (D2*100,0) can be adjusted to reflect the number of Wingdings required
to show the expected range of difference. I use (DE8/10,0) as my differences are never unduly large. I have separate columns for the 'unders'
and the 'overs' using Smileys and Sad
Faces (Wingdings 'L' and 'J') but I increase the font size just for those two columns to show a clearer face. For
the Sad Face I employ the additional refinement of using a red font colour.
The whole process doesn't improve the state of my budget but at least the Smileys and the Sad Faces remove the sting !
Des Warmington