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15-03-1999, 02:23 AM
I am trying to find information on an Acorn computer that our local school has had in use for a number of years. It is in daily use for some tasks but proving to be some what unreliable in some areas. Also the school needs to use the machine for email and internet access. It was set up and used for this purpose for some time but no longer works properly. Even though it is an older machine it would be most useful to the school if it could be put to full use again.
My request is for advice on where to find some one who knows what they are doing on these machines....are acorns still sold here?

I am unsure of the model or age but it has a 486 DX 4 chip as well which I presume makes it similar to the IBM and Apple power PCs which ran both Windows and Apple platforms.

Thanks for your help


Malcom Collier