View Full Version : Anyone using an Xbox 360, with Media center on windows 7?

Speedy Gonzales
14-12-2009, 08:34 PM
I'm just trying to configure the extras on this Xbox (which I think ARE meant to show the games (that appear in the menu - purble place etc). BUT, the stupid games wont appear ! They appear under settings on the Xbox, you have an option to untick or tick them (theyre ticked by default). Only thing, is I click on save, theyre nowhere to be seen ! So, anyone who's using an Xbox, do the games appear under the extras library, on your Xbox (thats IF you've configured it)?? I've tried EVERYTHING I can think of to get them to appear (under extras, well I think this is where they go). BUT, no go :badpc:

PS: Yes, I was using Vista before, BUT since the tuner program is total crap, it actually works better in Win7's media center (it doesnt work in Vista MC). Thats why I went back to Win 7. I just wont use Avermedia's crap program in Win 7. Its worse in Win7, than it is/was in Vista.