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31-07-2001, 12:18 PM
Is there a tidy way of finding out the limit of a Motherboard's capacity in terms of processor speed/type etc? For example, I would like to buy a GIGABYTE 6VXC7-4X-P m/board. If the manual does not specify, how do I know what speed of processor I am limited to? I have checked www.dfi.com - any suggestions?

31-07-2001, 02:08 PM
hi Jeff,

the gigabye web page reports it has a maximum multiplier of 9.5, and while it supports a FSB of 150, it would be safe to say it's maximum CPU speed would be 1.2Ghz (133x9.5)

If you want to visit the site, the link is:


04-08-2001, 11:52 AM
Don't forget that this particular motherboard is a socket 370 that doesn't support the new Piii's, so the actual maximum (limited by available cpu) is actually 1Ghz.
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