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27-07-2001, 09:09 PM
I have just installed a Realtek ISA Plug & Play ethernet card in a machine running Win98. The card auto-detects and installs correctly, and I have installed all the needed protocols. TCP/IP is set to obtain address automatically from DHCP server (which is provided by my internet router). The problem is that once installed, the card appears to be installed fine, however it cannot see any computers, or make a TCP connection.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


27-07-2001, 11:38 PM
I had a similar problem when my computer was first connected to a LAN.
I tracked it down to WinDUMP which has to modify some tcp/ip stuff to work.
Anyway I removed EVERYTHING from the Network Control Panel, restarted, and reinstalled them and it was fine.

02-08-2001, 05:46 PM
You might have already fixed this up but here is the solution that worked for me.I had the same problem, with a pci version of the same card.

In the TCP/IC Properties tab, (under network options). Make sure the subnet mask number is the same i.e all computers should be (thats what I use), but make sure the other number is different, i e one computer is another might be

Hope it Helps