View Full Version : HP Printer not printing magenta

21-11-2009, 01:37 PM
Replaced Magenta cartridge on HP c5180 and no red prints out.
Replaced with another new cartridge still not working. As I use generic ones thought it might be that, but have used generic for a while and all other 5 cartridges are working ok.
Google it, and heaps of people with same prob for HP & magenta. Lots used HP cartridges and not generic had same prob.
One solution is to clean the mirrors. ( not in my abilities). Solution from UK was that HP have it listed as a fault for some printers and will fix it or replace printer free, If yr printer is listed with possibility having that prob.

Anyone know where I can find that list or how to fix prob

21-11-2009, 04:09 PM
OK solved it.
For those who know as little as me.
On printer press Set up/tools/Clean Print heads.
Also did Align Printer first. But as one of the colours it printed off
was orange and not red, wasnt sure if it was right, so did the
Clean Print heads.

Probably pretty obvious to most of you .
Interesting as Ive never had to do it before.