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Happy Harry
16-11-2009, 05:40 PM
Hi Guys
I am looking for information on connection/download speeds that people are achieving via Xtra
I have been an Xtra customer for 9 years starting with Jetstream with download speed of 31-3200kbps
Today at best I get 2400 kbps using a Netgear DG834G ADSL2+ router
Xtra seem to thing that my speeds are acceptable and to be fair I am 6 Ks from the local exchange. Considering that I have changed to better PCs, better routers, I would have expected my speeds to increase rather than decrease.
I was told by a Telecom tech on a previous visit, that my area was getting a “Roadside Cabinet” in Sept/October 2009. Of course this has not happened so I’m looking for a little ammunition to get this to proceed.
So can any of you with Xtra, supply me with your speeds and approximate distance from your exchange or cabinet so I can make a fair comparison


16-11-2009, 05:56 PM
So It's not just me.. I used to get speeds at around 800KB/sec downloading on vodafone.. now I can barely manage 500kb/sec. Probarbly because there's increased demand on the infrastructure now that more people are getting broadband.

From what I've heard the ADSL 2 rollout has changed some schedules, type your address in here and find out the new time:


16-11-2009, 07:42 PM
Sometimes the "better" routers will connect slower to give better reliability.

But Telecom has a policy where as long as you get 2Mbit or higher, they really don't give a ****

16-11-2009, 10:29 PM
Distance is always the killer with any flavour of adsl from the bog standard to the ADSL2 and VDSL. Cabinetisation is only occurring to reduce the length of the copper to your house and so increase your connection speed to the D-SLAM. If you are still connected to an exchange with the distance mentioned you are doing o.k. for the speed you are getting.

17-11-2009, 01:13 AM
Vodaphone has had ongoing international speed issues for the past month. Along with an issue affecting South Island customers.

Personally my line speed is 17mbits and 900kbit up.. giving 1.6MB/s on torrent downloads