View Full Version : Access denied error when editing msconfig

16-11-2009, 06:07 AM
Ever get this error message when you try and make a change in msconfig:

An Access Denied eror was returned while attemtping to change a service, You may need to log on using an administrator account to make specific changes.?

I discovered the answer may be an HP file. I found this little fix (after scanning google for a while) that works a charm:

Thanks to the original poster who mentioned this might be an HP PML update problem. Tonight, I updated my HP 8200 Photosmart software. Since then, I've been receiving "access denied" messages when trying to use msconfig and when trying to disable the HPZ12 PML driver when running services.msc (Error 5: Access Denied).

I found the solution in another forum on how to fix the "access denied" messages and how to disable the hpzipm12.exe program from loading automatically when running services.msc (for those having these problems after updating your HP PML software and not from Zone Alarm).

Run RegEdit.
Under /HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/PML Driver HPZ12, click on Start at the right, and then change the Dword value from 2 (automatic) or 3 (I believe for manual) to 4 (for disabled).

After I did this, I've received no "access denied" messages when running msconfig and services.msc.

After spending a couple of hours looking for a fix, I thought I'd come back here and post the solution in hopes it will save time for others.Hope this helps