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12-11-2009, 10:20 PM
Several months ago I upgraded the guts of my machine with a new cpu, mobo, ram an additional hdd and an old 7300gt card which has just been replaced with a 4670. Now this is all running fine on windows 7 64 bit aside from the fact that most games I play suffer from a half second lag from the keyboard. This is most noticeable in racing games and certainly makes cornering an interesting experience.

I've tried several things in my failure to solve this problem including :
- Swapping my microsoft multimedia wireless usb keyboard for a ps2 one.
- Updating my wireless keyboard drivers.
- Updating my nvidia and most recently now ati video card drivers
- Running games in compatibility mode.
- Updating my motherboard drivers with the latest nvidia chipset drivers.
-Windows 7 has been reinstalled.
-All the latest updates have been applied.
-I even tried setting the affinity to just one core as I have read that this might be a solution.

This morning, having run out of Ideas I installed a copy of winxp 32 bit onto my other hard drive, installed 'just' the driver cds for my ati card, motherboard and sound card and spent a good half hour playing grid with no issues, no lag whatsoever (after copying over the correct dx9 dll files of course)

So essentially I'm out of Ideas, short dual booting between between Win 7 and winxp.
If someone can help me out here that would be great.

For anyone who's interested my specs are as follows:
Amd phenom II 550be dual core cpu
Corsair c5 2x2gigs ram
Asus m4n78-am motherboard with geforce 8200 chipset
ati 4670 512 gddr3 graphics card
seagate 320gig sata hdd (windows 7), samsung 1tb hdd (winxp), 160g ide hdd
creative x-fi xtreme gamer pci sound card running daniel k modded drivers
enamax 370w psu (yes i know it's cheap and nasty)
microsoft wireless keyboard
800dpi jaycar mouse

I Previously posted this in another forum tho due to a lack of response I thought I'd give pressf1 a try.

Speedy Gonzales
12-11-2009, 10:36 PM
I get a similar lag in Windows 7 with this tuner, when I change channels (it doesnt happen in Vista x64). Its probably a windows 7 prob, that needs to be fixed