View Full Version : Somebodies sent me a .pif file,what and how?

25-07-2001, 10:22 AM
Its an attachment on an E-mail and netscape can't find a plug-in to deal with it so what obscure thing is this and where can I find a load of bytes to deal with it.Ta in advance.

25-07-2001, 10:37 AM
I'm not sure about your plugin problem but here's the deal with .pif files. Short for Program InFormation file, a type of file that holds information about how Windows should run a non-Windows application. For example, a PIF file can contain instructions for executing a DOS application in the Windows environment. These instructions can include the amount of memory to use, the path to the executable file, and what type of window to use.

25-07-2001, 10:54 AM
Thanks Terry,It would seem that somebodies sent me the wrong file.

26-07-2001, 05:08 PM
It could be the new sircam virus. I have had it sent to me several times, always showing up as a *.zip.pif file attachment. If you are not paying attention you would think it was a zip file.
In each case the message body went to the effect '...thought you would be interested in this...let me know what you think of it...'
Make sure your anti virus is upto date and scan the attachment, if it is the sircam it will show up in the scan. As always though if you don't know who it is from delete it and if it is someone you know, ask them what the file is before considering your next move. Being a worm virus, if they are infected they probaby unaware of it.