View Full Version : How do I find out what's being updated?

25-07-2001, 04:31 AM
Whenever I load windows, it always seems like that something is updating(Before windows is loaded, but sort of in the dos, where it says. Complete updatin....) How do I find out what it is? I got Win 98.

25-07-2001, 08:50 PM
...this message usually appears when rebooting or starting up the computer after installing or updating a programme on your system.

If you have not carried out those functions, may I suggest the following:

If your Browser is Internet Explorer, look in the 'Advanced' tab [go: Tools > Internet Options > Advanced] and uncheck (disable) the box marked 'automatically check for Internet Explorer Updates' > then click Apply/Okay.

If that does not remove the message which concerns you, have a look at other software or utilities on your system which have an 'automatic update function' - maybe it/they is enabled.

I hope that helps.