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24-07-2001, 02:49 PM
Please find below three entries from my query earlier this year.

Can someone walk me through the process of setting up a laptop netbios boot disk step by step as I can get it to work on my desktop but not the laptop.

Much appreciated



Can you please help me set up a netbios boot disk for my laptop - I have no problem with the netbios boot disks I have created for both my desktops but when I try to do it for my Acer 507T I get errors all the time - is there something special about the PCMCIA network card and the internal architecture of the laptop which needs additional info in the cinfig.sys or autoexec.bat in addition to the netbios resources?

Any help appreciated - web search has been good for desktop but nothing for laptop.



by your request, I assume you want to boot the laptop to a DOS prompt and connect to the Windows / netbios share on another computer.

If this is what you want to do, then I have a bootdisk the does this for various pcmcia cards using TCP/IP connections but I would need to know your laptop network card make and model , and probably some further details about any PCMCIA point enablers required by the card to work in DOS

send me these details and I should be able to do it


Hi Stephen

I run an acer travelmate 507T (celeron 466) with a cheapy (but works fine) Dick Smith 10/100 card for network.

I am not sure how to find out the info about the point enablers (what are they?) and I have a CD with all the drivers for the network card.

Please, if you can walk me through this one I would be MEGA-grateful.

Much appreciated

Mark Sherwood

24-07-2001, 05:03 PM
Its easy goto:
www.google.com and do a search for 'dos network boot disk'. Then you should get some pages for help which would guide you through step by step.

+ cos its a pcmcia card. you need to get the pcmcia card's drivers. And make sure you have a DOS bootable disk and 'socket and services' aka pcmcia drivers for the actual slots. You can find these from toshiba or ibm websites. They're universal for all laptops so just get any and install them.

24-07-2001, 05:15 PM
why dont u just install windows and use file/printer sharing. Much less prob!!

U then map a printer and a network shared folder or whole drive.

27-11-2001, 01:55 PM
Hi, it's me again.

Can someone please take me step by step through the netbios bood disk setup for laptop. Please see previous entreis on this thread.

I want to boot my laptop with a netbios boot disk and be able to connect it to my desktop and do a ghost backup across a peer to peer network connection.

Thanks very much