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12-03-1999, 02:02 AM
Dear Nick

Thank you for your reply on this subject and sorry to bother you again.

Your suggestions do not seem to work. I got a document in my Temp Internet Files folder which contains the whole document with the pictures. The pictures again are listed as well under www.prothos. I can save everything seperately into my greek folder by dragging or right clicking the pictures but not everything intact. I also tried to send the text to MS Publisher 98 with the intention of inserting the pictures back into their original slots but Publisher does not take HTML files. The MS Wordprocessor does in a slightly different format and I can then insert pictures but it is very cumbersome. I thought computers were so simple and easy but not so.

It is really not a big problem but it just baffles me that I cannot save a very good document intact from the internet.

Thanks again

Robert Koller