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02-11-2009, 04:23 PM
XP-Pro - SP3 and all. 1.7G Athlon XP, 2G RAM. Soyo MB (Ultra Platinum, SY333)


Sound and/or video playback has stops-starts-repeats and blank spots.

In Power DVD it does the same thing. The action stops as does the sound and then it starts where it left off - most times when it acts up, that is.

Playback in WMP and RealPlayer, etc, all do the same thing.

Music can stop at any place and restart or stutter and hang up, but usually will chug through the whole song - even though it has a hard time. There is no pattern to the failures. It may happen at any time it feels like it.

The hdd light on the front of the case blinks furiously as the playback struggles. That's why I thought it was a bad hdd and installed a new one.

If I soft reboot, it seems to resolve for a short time, but it really doesn't seem to get any better that way.

Cold boot in the AM or after hours off-line may or may NOT make it appear or act badly.

I tried a large powerful fan blowing into the open side of the case, but that didn't help.

Cleaned the CPU and re-heat sinked it.

Tried off-line, shut down my security and nothing is any better.

Checked Task Manager, and there's no real problems I can see. No spyware according to HJT and several scans produce NO negative results.

Killed several operations in Task Manager and still it hangs up.

If I load a DVD (commercial or otherwise) into the optical drive, it too hangs up just like files on the hdd.

Parts changed:

Two new 500G harddrives
Video card
Audio card
PSU (500watts)


02-11-2009, 04:55 PM
Id say driver. You could try downloading klite codec (http://www.free-codecs.com/download/K_lite_codec_pack.htm)

I think that solved a similar problem I had on an athlon xp. Otherwise update sound drivers.