View Full Version : Faulty Iomega Backups

23-07-2001, 09:58 PM
The computer I use at work operates under Windows 98. My Home computer is under Windows ME. The office computer uses a ZIP drive with the latest software from them. I use the free wear from www.grc.com to check for the click of death, and so far the zip drives and disks are OK. When I do an office back up the software says it is OK. I restore it on my home computer and there are 647 skipped files documented from the ZIP software (error code 916) The software help section does not mention this. So I do not have reliable backup from ZIP software. I then use Windows 98 *.qic back up and put that on the ZIP drive and take it home. I can not use that because Microsoft has taken this away in Windows ME (who is the bright spark at Microsoft who did that?) So now I have essentially useless back up of files. The next step I guess is to use WinZip.

Does anyone know what is the most reliable way of backing up data, because what I have is of no use at all. Iomega and Microsoft offer no reliable system.